Violation payment is only authorized by the police

افزایش رقم توقیف خودرو تا سقف ۳ میلیون تومان

Traffic violations have always been a hot topic in our country because both reckless and sometimes reckless drivers record new violations and are fined, and the police are constantly updating their detention rules. Follow us to have a look at the news and new rules in this field:

the payment Violation is only allowed by the police [به روز رسانی] – شهریور 1400

Rahoor Naja Police Chief Sardar Hadianfar said: “We advise our compatriots to impose their driving fines only through authorized gates approved by the police, such as the gate. Rahvar 120 “Or pay at an ATM or through a reputable bank.”

It should be noted that in addition to ATMs, banks and the Rahvar 120 site, some private companies also provide services related to the payment of driving fines, although some of these companies are not approved by the police and it is recommended not to use their services.

Regarding the activities of these companies, Sardad Hadianfar said: “Private companies earn money by providing services, and for this reason, they keep the fines paid by the people to their bank accounts, and after a few days and taking advantage of the profits of these fines, They are deposited in the state treasury account. “We have cut off the access of these companies to their infringing payment system, and we advise people not to pay their fines through apps and receipts. These portals are not approved by the Rahvar police.”

Increase of car confiscation figure up to 3 million Tomans [به روز رسانی] – شهریور 1400

Sardar Hadianfar, Rahoor Naja Police Chief, announced:

According to the law, the penalty for confiscating a car is one million tomans, but depending on the coronary conditions, up to three million tomans can be assisted by the driver.

He also noted that the delay in providing police plus 10 services to drivers is due to the high volume of coronary crime, which is being addressed with the launch of the robot.

Fines, negative scores, summonses and commitments await high-speed and accident-prone drivers [به روز رسانی] – شهریور 1400

Col. Mohammad Razeghi, Deputy Chief of Operations of the Greater Tehran Road Police, spoke about the role of the speed camp in reducing traffic violations and said: “Not a single person has visited this station for the second time after receiving the violation.”

“The Greater Tehran Highway Police has made various plans to manage speed in the city of Tehran, and has included reducing and controlling the unauthorized speeds of vehicles in various ways,” said Col. Razeghi.

The Deputy Chief of Operations of the Greater Tehran Road Police stated: “In the category of unauthorized speeds, three levels have been set with different amounts of fines; If the speed is more than 30 km than the allowed limit, a fine of 60,000 Tomans is imposed; “At speeds of more than 30 to 50 kilometers than the allowable limit, while applying the law of 200,000 Tomans, 5 points are recorded for personal vehicles and 10 negative points for public vehicles.”

Colonel Razeghi added: “At speeds above 50 km, due to the danger to both the driver and other drivers, while applying the law of 200,000 Tomans and registering a negative score, we have a special program for this type of drivers.”

“At the speed control station, according to the daily speed monitoring using the systems, drivers who have high and dangerous speeds have been summoned to the Greater Tehran Traffic Police via text message or phone call and must be present and The teachings they see are justified; “At the same time, these drivers are promised not to commit any more dangerous and dangerous violations.”

“This has had very good consequences, because since we implemented this plan, no driver has repeated this violation again, and all those who have made this commitment and passed the trainings,” said the Deputy Chief of Operations of the Greater Tehran Road Police. “They have not committed these violations for the second time.”

If you commit a driving offense for the third time, you will be reported to the judicial authorities [به روز رسانی] – July 1400

Greater Tehran Highway Police Deputy announced the sending of text messages related to traffic violations to 2,735 drivers in the first quarter of this year.

Col. Seyed Abolfazl Mousavipour, Deputy Chief of the Greater Tehran Road Police, stated: “They are in charge and will continue their activities under the direct supervision of the director of this center.”

“The legislature has divided the speed into three parts, part of which is up to 30 km faster than the allowable limit, the other part is 30 km to 50 km higher than the allowable limit, and the third part is the speed above 50 km / h,” he said. “The speed control station at the Greater Tehran Highway Police monitors and controls speeds above 50 kilometers per hour.”

Colonel Mousavipour stated: “The cameras record these speeds, which are recorded at night. The next day, my colleagues monitor these speeds and record the speeds that are above 50 km above the set speed through the systems that are available to the owners.” “A text message will be sent.”

Violation payment is only authorized by the police Violation payment is only authorized by the police 2

“For the first and second time, it is a way for offending drivers to be present in the police, and we are discussing justification, education, law enforcement and payment of fines, and if these violations reach the third time, according to Article 618 of the Islamic Penal Code, this violation is considered disorder. “The case will be handed over to the judicial authorities.”

He added: “A text message was sent to 2,735 drivers in the first quarter of this year, and we hope that by respecting the law and reducing speeds by drivers, we will not witness tragic accidents on the roads of Tehran.”

Incompetence of soldiers to issue fines [به روز رسانی] – July 1400

According to Article 2 of the Law on Investigation of Traffic Violations, only the trusted cadre and contract officers of the traffic police of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who have been appointed and trained to detect violations related to transportation and traffic, are allowed to detect violations and issue bills. They have fines, and as a result, soldiers do not have the authority to do so.

According to Article 4 of the Law on Investigation of Driving Violations, the police can stop a moving vehicle when it observes a violation. Otherwise, if he stops the car for no reason, the ordering party has committed a violation. This article stipulates that the officers subject to Article 2 of this law are allowed to stop violators of traffic laws and regulations after identifying the violation and adapting it to the amount of crimes. In this regard, Article 2 of the Law on Investigation of Driving Violations also emphasizes that officers demand driver’s licenses if they witness a violation by the driver or are prosecuted or disciplined.

In line with the mentioned approach, the General Assembly of the Court of Administrative Justice issued a verdict on June 20, 2017, paragraph 2 of Circular No. 2_7 / 92 dated October 8, 2013. Inspection of Rahoor Naja Police, according to which Rahoor Police could have stopped It abolished the construction of slow-moving cars.

Record the average speed of cars on the roads / Arrive sooner, you will be fined [به روز رسانی] – July 1400

Referring to the evaluation of the performance of the vehicle average speed registration system, the Rahoor police chief said:

In the new system, recording the average speed of arrival time is the criterion and if they reach the destination before the calculated time, they will be fined by this system. This system is currently used in some important highways in the country, such as the Tehran-Isfahan axis.

From texting and summoning by phone to filing a license plate complaint waiting for high-speed drivers [به روز رسانی] – شهریور 1400

Col. Majid Ranjbar, the head of the Intelligent Traffic Control Center of the Greater Tehran Road Police, announced the 24-hour monitoring of unauthorized speeds through cameras and said: by monitoring unauthorized speeds through cameras, text messages were sent to drivers with high speeds and in case of repeated violations, registration License plate complaint is made.
The head of the Intelligent Traffic Control Center of the Greater Tehran Road Police stated: According to Article 618 of the Islamic Penal Code and the 1375 Penalties, my colleagues used 24-hour surveillance cameras to cross the secluded passages, which could increase speeds even to speeds of 50 km / h. We are monitoring each one and identifying high-risk and high-speed drivers.
Colonel Ranjbar, stating that this group of drivers are summoned to the center by sending a text message and a phone call, added: “According to the order of the judicial authority, in the first stage, these drivers will be charged with disturbing public order and not repeating.”
He continued: “If this violation is repeated by the driver again and again, the license plate complaint will be legally registered for them, in accordance with the task we have from the esteemed judicial official, so that the registered vehicle can be seen anywhere in the country.” Will be banned.

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