Virgin Galactic started the public sale of space travel tickets for $ 450,000

ویرجین گلکتیک فروش عمومی بلیت سفر به لبه فضا را با قیمت 450 هزار دلار آغاز کرد

Virgin Galactic recently announced that it will open its space travel ticket sales system to the public from today. If anyone wants to be an astronaut, they must 450 thousand dollars Pay for your seat. The company also unveiled its new branding on the occasion of this decision.

Virgin Galaxy today in Notifications announced that Public sales The space ticket begins. Those who want to fly with the company’s spacecraft have to pay a deposit of $ 150,000 and then pay the remaining $ 300,000 before the flight.

“We have in mind that 1000 customers First, get on a spaceship at the beginning of our business service journey. “By doing so, we can strengthen our work base as we begin our normal operations and expand our operations.”

Space Travel Status with Virgin Galactic

Customers paying $ 450,000 in one 90 minute journey They go to the edge of space. They will experience minutes of weightlessness and can see the stunning view of the Earth from the 17 spacecraft windows. The company also trains ticket buyers for a few days. In addition, customers Under Armor And receive a membership Future Astronaut Association They are coming. The spacecraft is to be launched from the Spaceport America space station in New Mexico.

The cost of a Virgin Galaxy ticket to the edge of space is certainly not cheap, but compared to $ 55 million ticket to SpaceX For a 10-day orbital trip, this is not a high figure. However, Virgin Galactic competition is actually with Blue Origin It is Jeff Bezos who has not yet decided on the pricing of his submarine trips.

Virgin Galactic was originally scheduled to launch public and commercial flights last year, but the missions were postponed until 2022. In late 2021 it was said that the company 100 tickets Sold at a new price of 450 thousand dollars and about 700 people including Ilan Mask Are on the reservation list.

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