Virgin Hyperloop focuses on freight rather than passenger while reducing half of the workforce

ویرجین هایپرلوپ ضمن تعدیل نیمی از نیروها تمرکز خود را بر حمل بار و نه مسافر می‌گذارد

Virgin Hyperloop has downsized almost half of its staff and is now focusing on passenger transfer. Load transfer Lays. It seems that cargo handling is much less complicated and it is easier to get legal permits for it.

According to reports Financial TimesVirgin Hyperloop Adjustment 111 people Has confirmed its forces. The publication, which spoke to a number of the company’s employees, says that apparently no one expected such a large number of redundancies.

A spokesman for Virgin Hyperloop says the recent reshuffle will allow them to continue operating more efficiently and cost-effectively. The company emphasizes that the decision to reduce the force has not been made easily. A spokeswoman for Virgin Hyperloop claims that changing their plan to focus on freight instead of passenger is largely due to Global supply chain problems And related changes Corona virus pandemic has happened.

DP World, which owns 76% of Virgin Hyperloop, says conservation cargo handling Safety And observance Legal instructions “It’s obvious that potential customers are more interested in carrying cargo, and passengers are farther away from us.” “It is much easier to build a cargo platform and there is no risk of harm to the passenger or legal complications.”

Will Saudi Arabia become a customer of Virgin Hyperloop?

DP World says they are in talks with 15 potential customers are. One of these government customers Saudi Arabia Which wants to provide a platform for the rapid transfer of cargo from the port of Jeddah to Riyadh.

Virgin Hyperloop follows a new version of the old idea of ​​reducing energy for transportation, in which Vacuum tunnels Used to minimize air resistance. The idea in 2013 in a white paper by Ilan Mask Was revived.

Virgin Hyperloop, formerly known as Hyperloop One, has made significant strides so far and even managed to test it for the first time. Human travelers Have. But like all innovative companies, they face the problem of lack of budget, manpower and deadlines.

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