Virtual server with completely dedicated hardware resources

Virtual server with completely dedicated hardware resources

Shared hardware resources in servers cause the level of performance to decrease. This means that we have a smaller share of hardware than the nominal amount, especially during the peak consumption of server resources! Therefore, it is better to prepare a virtual server with completely dedicated hardware resources.

Virtual servers have various uses, the subject of our discussion is website hosting. Highly visited sites, which cannot be met by regular hosts and require high hardware resources, must be hosted on a virtual server or, if necessary, more than dedicated server to use

FA host provides a virtual cloud server with dedicated resources

In cloud servers, a large number of dedicated servers are connected by clustering technology and form an integrated structure. This issue leads to special achievements, some of which we mention:

  • The possibility of providing unlimited dedicated hardware resources
  • Increasing the level of security despite the availability of a more powerful network
  • Achieving 100% stability due to no hardware dependency
  • The possibility of further development and structural changes in the shortest possible time

It should be noted that Fa Host Company has launched a completely cloud infrastructure for the first time in Iran. You can host your most visited site on this platform and be surprised by the quality level of these services.

Special servers for hosting popular sites

All the servers provided in Fa Host are considered to host the most visited sites. Therefore, if you intend to use the virtual server for other purposes, it is better to get this service from other partner companies.

The features and facilities of these services are:

  • The possibility of providing hardware resources to infinity!!!
  • Free server configuration and management!!!
  • Providing all required tools such as web server, control panel, etc. for free!!!
  • Regular backup of the site!
  • Free site transfer from other companies
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade resources at any time of the day or night
  • VIP advice and support 24 hours a day
  • Custom configuration according to the CMS you use

And several other things…!!!

Important points before buying a virtual server

It is better to consult with our colleagues in the sales unit before placing an order so that the best and most appropriate service can be offered to you by checking your site. After placing the order, our colleagues immediately come into action in the technical unit of Fa Host and configure the server for your use. After completing this step, your site will be transferred.

To view the plans and get more information about Fa Host virtual servers, just refer to the link below.

Buying a virtual server from Fa Host

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