Vivo is working on the development of a weird phone with a flying camera

ویوو روی توسعه گوشی عجیبی مجهز به دوربین پهپادی با قابلیت پرواز کار می‌کند

Vivo is apparently working on a different and weird mobile development where the camera detaches from the body of the device and can fly and shoot like a minivan.

Vivo patent documentation for this smartphone it shows A dedicated mini drone is located in the body of the phone. The camera module of this phone has four propellers, two dual cameras, three infrared proximity sensors and an additional battery. The LetsGoDigital blog shared a picture of this patent to show how this exotic phone works.

Although the Vivo concept phone is supposed to fly for photography and video recording, it is more likely to collide with other objects, and the company has tried to prevent the phone from colliding with obstacles by using proximity sensors. The device’s camera can also change position during flight, although one camera is expected to be in front of the module and another on top.

Vivo has filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), and while there are now many camcorders and camcorders on the market, it is the first manufacturer to use a mini-drone in a mobile phone. However, there seems to be a problem. The camera module needs to be smaller and lighter to fit inside the phone, so the wind may blow it off and capture blurry images. However, it remains to be seen what solution Vivo will use to solve this problem.

According to the images in this patent, it looks like the phone will not have a dedicated camera on its back panel, so you have to fly the camera whenever you want to take a picture. Of course it is possible this phone [در صورت وجود] More applicable to research.

Most of the innovations related to the handsets are provided by the manufacturing companies based in China. But keep in mind that Vivo’s patent for the phone’s flying camera does not mean that such a device will be available to users any time soon.

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