Voice and video calling capability goes back to the main Facebook application

قابلیت تماس صوتی و تصویری به اپلیکیشن اصلی فیسبوک برمی‌گردد

Facebook has experimentally included voice and video chat capabilities in the platform’s main app, and now US-based users and some other users can use voice and video chat capabilities in the main Facebook app as well. This move by Facebook can be considered a positive thing; Because other users of the main application of this platform do not need to receive and install the messenger application for voice or video calls.

Previously, users could also use the main Facebook app to receive and send messages; But in 2014, the company decided to separate the messenger section from the main Facebook app and make it available to users as a separate app. Following this approach, the social network announced that messaging and communication features would only be available in the messenger app; At the time, Facebook said its goal was to prevent users from using apps on other platforms.

But it seems that Zuckerberg has decided to bring back some communication and messaging capabilities to the main Facebook application; Of course, sending and receiving text messages can still be used only exclusively in the Messenger application.

Facebook announced earlier this month that it had added global encryption to its messengers’ voice and video chat capability, and that only two parties could now see or hear each other’s audio and video. In addition, this application has the ability to support QR code and payment links in its recent update.

It is not yet clear when users from other countries will be able to use the voice and video chat feature in the main Facebook application.

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