Warning to license plate tampering; Changing the numbers is an example of license plate damage and is considered a crime

اخطار به مخدوش‌کنندگان پلاک خودرو؛ تغییر ارقام مصداق مخدوشی پلاک است و جرم تلقی می‌گردد

According to the definition of driving offenses, tampering with a license plate is considered a crime and a fine is imposed so that the police cannot record the driver’s offenses or the traffic cameras cannot record the offenses.

This is something that has become very common in the country with the widespread use of license plate readers. According to Sardar Hossein Rahimi, the police commander of Tehran Plus, following the implementation of the second phase of the traffic plan (air pollution control plan), the number of people who commit these violations has even increased, and the police during the first few days of the plan, More than 600 offending vehicles have been hit in this regard.

Changing the numbers is an example of license plate damage and is considered a crime [به روز رسانی] – July 1400

Regarding tampering with the license plate numbers and violations, Col. Mohammad Razeqi said, “Changing the numbers is an example of license plate damage and is considered a crime.”

He said: “If a person tries to change the license plate numbers, the Greater Tehran Road Police will deal severely with this type of violation, but it is possible that someone else who has this license plate will be fined and the violations committed by this car will be registered for another car.” “It does not exist.”

Tehran Rahoor Police Deputy Operations added: “Considering that it is not only the license plate number that is registered in the system, but also other elements of the car such as the type of car, use and color of the car must be the same as the number registered and match and in “If the number changes, these comparisons will be skewed, and the match, because they are not together, the system will not accept this registration and no license plate for another car will enter the system.”

“No one should be worried that changing the license plate numbers will result in a fine for his car,” said Colonel Razeqi.

Referring to the statistics of dealing with these violations, Tehran’s Rahoor Police Deputy Chief of Operations said: “Considering that this violation occurs when it is considered a kind of lawlessness and circumvention of the law, which is due to the implementation of the night traffic ban plan and traffic plan “And we are facing more violations within the scope of reducing air pollution.”

He continued: “Compared to the same statistics of the previous year, we can say that about 30% of this violation has increased and about 20% of the law enforcement of this violation has increased.”

Colonel Razeghi stated: “Before the night traffic ban was imposed, this type of violation also did not exist, because there were no nights and this violation occurred within the traffic plan, and since then we have had night traffic violations, and this violation takes place at this time. “Dealing with this type of violation is on the agenda of my colleagues in the night shift.”

“On average, we have about 45 devices confiscated around the clock, and we have about 1,700 law enforcement cases, which is a 20 percent increase over the confiscation,” he said.

Warning to license plate tampering; They face up to a year in prison [به روز رسانی] – July 1400

Rahoor Naja Police Deputy announced:

This crime is our red line. In addition to imposing fines and confiscating the car, the violators will be reported to the judicial authorities. Violators face between six months and one year in prison.

New police fine for license plate tampering [به روز رسانی] – February 1998

Colonel Mohammad Razeghi, Head of the Intelligent Traffic Command and Control Center of the Capital Road Police, addressed the special plan of the Greater Tehran Traffic Police in dealing with vehicles with damaged license plates and stated: “Tehran Road Police officers, in the face of vehicles with damaged license plates, “Law enforcement will introduce the driver to the judiciary, because according to the law, changing the license plate is considered a crime.”

“According to the law, the fine for tampering with a license plate is imprisonment for 6 to 1 year,” said the head of the Intelligence Traffic Command and Control Center in the capital.

Warning to license plate tampering Changing the numbers is an Warning to license plate tampering; Changing the numbers is an example of license plate damage and is considered a crime 2

In response to another question about the situation of the violations committed by the offending driver by changing the license plate numbers, he clarified: “Some offending drivers change their license plates by changing the numbers and figures, which is a violation and violation.” Their car will be registered for the new license plate, in which case, after the police encounter this group of offending drivers, these people will be required to pay for the violation of the new license plate and zero it.

You may have noticed that the number of cars without license plates on the streets has increased recently, as well as cars that have license plates but their license plates are not legible. Various methods are used for illegibility of the license plate, such as spreading dark oils on the license plate, mud and burying the license plate, using special sprays, using dark plastic covers, etc.

What is the penalty for tampering with a license plate? [به روز رسانی]

Reza Hemmatizadeh, the head of Ilam traffic police, announced in this regard:

License plate tampering is not only a violation and is also considered a crime, delinquent drivers should know that license plate tampering is not a crime but a crime and the offender will be treated according to the law.

License Plate

Hemmatizadeh continued: “According to Article 720 of the Islamic Penal Code, anyone who changes the numbers and specifications of the license plates of land, water or agricultural motor vehicles, or attaches the license plate of another motor vehicle to it, or uses a fake license plate for it, or such “If he uses equipment knowingly to change or replace a fake license plate, he will be sentenced to six months to one year in prison.”

The crime of illegal alteration and tampering with license plates is one of the crimes that has increased in recent years, especially in large cities. The provincial traffic police chief said: “According to the law, manipulating and changing the numbers and details of license plates is considered a criminal offense. In fact, those who commit this act, in addition to evading the law, will be fined for their illegal acts.” They take into account other citizens. “For this reason, the violation of both license plates must be paid by the offender.”

1626160753 284 Warning to license plate tampering Changing the numbers is an Warning to license plate tampering; Changing the numbers is an example of license plate damage and is considered a crime 5

Hemmatizadeh concluded: “Illegal manipulation and tampering with the license plate, while considered a crime, also creates problems for others and violates the rights of other people, because their actions will result in the issuance of a fine to another person.” »

In this way, in accordance with the law, the traffic police will deal with any tampering with the license plate and, in addition to fining and confiscating the car, will introduce the different driver to the judicial authority.

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