Watch: 11-minute gameplay demo of Layers of Fear remake

Watch: 11-minute gameplay demo of Layers of Fear remake

“Bloober Team” studio has just released a new gameplay trailer of the remake version of Layers of Fear.

Bloober Team Studio has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the remake of “Layers of Fear”. In this trailer, players encounter Writer as he explores a mysterious lighthouse. Bloober Team studio has published a description of the Layers of Fear Remake gameplay trailer:

As the Writer, you enter an abandoned and creepy lighthouse. This location is introduced to players for the first time. In this game, players discover an untold story that connects all the characters and events of Layers. In this title, players can discover secrets, solve puzzles and face the threats of the old mansion. The only weapon players have in this game is the lantern. This tool is considered necessary to fight against enemies and demons.

Development of the remake of Layers of Fear game with Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine

Layers of Fear is developed by Bloober Team in collaboration with Anshar Studios. This title is actually considered a remake of the original game, and in this version, players can also experience the second part and the Inheritance add-on of the series. It should be mentioned that this game is developed by “Unreal Engine 5” graphics engine.

Gameplay trailer for Layers of Fears remake

Piotr Babineau, CEO of Bloober Team, says about the development of the remake version of Layers of Fear:

We are giving back to the players a franchise that is very special to us. This game in its new form offers players a new experience and reflects a new light in the narrative of the game. Our plan was to recreate Layers of Fear. It was not our team’s intention to provide users with a remastered collection of these two games. We have designed a new approach, something that may not yet be clear. But I can tell you there’s a reason we called it Layers of Horror.

Game remake Layers of Fear It will be released in June 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. At the same time, Bloober Team studio is working on the remake of Silent Hill 2. You can watch the gameplay trailer of Layers of Fear Remake below:

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