Watch: A new trailer of Redfall’s stages and battles has been released

Watch: A new trailer of Redfall's stages and battles has been released

The new trailer for the highly anticipated game “Redfall” showcases the various locations, fantasy stages, and co-op combat system of the title.

During the IGN Fan Fest 2023 conference, “Arkane” studio released a new trailer of the gameplay and the game world. Redfall Unveiled Along with the trailer, Ben Horne, the game’s production designer, shared some information about Arkane Studio’s project. He announced that in Redfall’s co-op combat system, players will be free to go wherever they want independently of each other. Of course, the players being far from each other may lose the necessary strength to deal with the enemies of the game.

“Horn” also emphasized that the game Redfall is the biggest and most ambitious project of Arkane. He said about this:

We knew we wanted to keep things apart from the DNA of Arkin Studios. There were things in the studio’s past games that we appreciate. We value ambient storytelling and the kind of strong narrative that creates a sense of living in a world. We took this challenge to build an open world title. We want to make sure that every house or store players walk into feels comfortable and legible.

New trailer of Redfall game; Vampire hunting in the state of Massachusetts, USA!

The story of the Redfall game takes place in the American state of Massachusetts, where the sun does not rise. Vampires are in control of everything, and players, playing the role of survivors, try to survive this disaster with different characteristics and weapons. This area, which now has nothing but the ruined ruins of abandoned buildings, finds itself where the enemies have built various shelters and blocked all the roads with obstacles.

New trailer of Redfall game

Arkane Studios has confirmed that two new expansion packs will be available to players after the launch of Redfall. Play Redfall in history May 2, 2023 (May 12, 1402) It will be released for the Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms. Like other exclusive works of “Microsoft”, this game will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers from the very first day.

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