Watch: Dead Space Remake vs. Callisto Protocol graphics comparison video

Watch: Dead Space Remake vs. Callisto Protocol graphics comparison video

A new video has just been published that compares the graphical power of the remake of the game “Dead Space” with the game “Callisto Protocol”.

A few days ago, the remake version of Dead Space was released for the 9th generation and PC platforms. Since then, users have posted videos online comparing the game to Callisto Protocol in terms of graphics, visuals, animations, etc. It was expected that users would publish many comparison videos of these two games on YouTube and other virtual networks due to the similarity in style of these two games.

Graphical comparison of Dead Space Remake with Callisto Protocol; Callisto’s good visual performance

The space-horror Callisto Protocol was released last December by Striking Distance. In terms of its gameplay and mechanisms, this game is remarkably similar to Dead Space Remake. By testing both games on different graphics engines, the wccftech analysis team concluded that the graphics performance of Callisto Protocol is better than Dead Space Remake. However, the wccftech team emphasizes that the game Callisto Protocol suffers from minor graphic problems.

Graphical comparison of Dead Space Remake with Callisto Protocol

Youtuber by name ElAnalistaDebits, has published a comparison video in this regard and he has come to the overall conclusion that the game Callisto Protocol shows a better performance than the game Dead Space Remake in terms of visual effects. Of course, Dead Space Remake easily surpasses Callisto Protocol in areas such as atmosphere, gameplay, stage design, and combat system.

Following the release of comparison videos between Dead Space Remake and Callisto Protocol, the “Motive” studio released a message describing the visual and graphic coordinates of its creation:

The new version of Dead Space is a successful revival of the survival horror genre in the world of computer games. The game features new visuals, a series of detailed updates to the combat system, revamped stage design, and jump scare moments that are sure to wow veteran players and developers alike. Studio Motive tried to remove some of the old elements of the game as much as they could. The purpose of the release of Dead Space Remake was to satisfy the hardcore fans of the horror and survival genre. But comparing this game with other 9th generation AAA projects, the said game does not rank high.

You can watch the graphic comparison video of Dead Space Remake with Callisto Protocol at the bottom of the page:

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