Watch: Galaxy S23 Ultra teardown – replaceable battery at last!

Watch: Galaxy S23 Ultra teardown – replaceable battery at last!

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship phone has minor changes compared to the previous generation flagship, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but those minor changes have been very effective. Some time ago, Zack Nelson from the JerryRigEverything YouTube page went to test the resistance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and this time he also went to the autopsy.

Galaxy S23 Ultra dissection video

The Galaxy S23 Ultra teardown follows the same pattern as the rest of Zack’s teardowns. The back frame of the phone is fixed in place with a lot of glue, which is normal due to the water resistance standards of this phone. Care must be taken to open the back cover of this phone, because applying pressure incorrectly may damage the glass surface on it. Anyway, the back cover is removed successfully.

After removing the back cover, it’s time to remove the wireless charging coil, which if Zach had been a little too hasty while removing it, one of the main display flat cables would have snapped with it. These cables are right under the wireless charging coil and care must be taken when removing them.

Using battery pull strips

After the wireless charging coil and display panels are removed, the phone’s battery is exposed. After 8 years, Samsung has finally used adhesive strips to connect the battery to the chassis of the phone. Due to the use of adhesive tapes, the user can replace the battery of this phone by himself if he has the right tools and patience and knowledge. In previous models that used strong adhesive, removing the battery was a lengthy process, and isopropyl alcohol was usually used to dissolve the adhesive.

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In general, it is not “easy” to replace the battery of new phones. In order for the user to be able to perform this operation himself, he still needs patience and, of course, the right tools. To replace the Galaxy S23 Ultra battery, the user must be able to remove the back glass panel, open the wireless charging coil, and remove the flat display cables, and then the phone’s battery is accessible. Each of these steps requires its own tool.

It’s good news that after 8 years, Samsung has finally switched to using pull strips to connect the battery, and it shows that the company is on the right track in terms of the repairability of its products. Fortunately, these strips are also used in regular and Plus Galaxy S23 phones. We hope that this decision will be implemented in other new Samsung phones and not exclusive to the Galaxy S series phones, especially the new Galaxy Z Flip5/Fold5 phones that are supposed to be introduced and released by the end of this summer.

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