Watch: How Deepfake Technology Replaces Henry Cavill with Hemsworth in The Witcher!

Watch: How Deepfake Technology Replaces Henry Cavill with Hemsworth in The Witcher!

A visual effects artist has managed to replace Liam Hemsworth with Henry Quill in “The Witcher” series with “Deepfake” technology.

Last year, Netflix announced that Liam Hemsworth will replace Henry Cavil in the fourth season of The Witcher series. This news was accompanied by many reactions from the fans of the series. Some still don’t think that the third season of the said series will be the last appearance of Henry Quill as Geralt. Most of the fans considered Henry Quill’s acting to be suitable for the character of “Geralt”.

Deep fake technology in The Witcher series; Liam Hemsworth or Henry Cavill?

Now, with the help of Deepfake technology, a virtual visual effects artist has replaced Liam Hemsworth with Henry Quill in the last two seasons of The Witcher series. The artist with the username StyderHD on YouTube has shared a video comparing the real image of Henry Quill with the fake image of Liam Hemsworth as Geralt. In this video, we see two different Geralt talking to the characters Siri and Dandelion. We leave the final judgment to you to choose the best role-playing for the role of “Geralt”.

In line with the selection of Liam Hesworth as “Geralt”, he announced to the media that he was one of the final options of the “Netflix” network to play in The Witcher series before Henry Quill. News sources have also claimed that the casting process for The Witcher series has gone faster this time. It is said that the producers of this series, before replacing Hemsworth with Geralt of Rivia, again referred to the archives of the auditions of the said series.

Deepfake technology in The Witcher series

Meanwhile, Lauren Hirsich, the showrunner of The Witcher series, has promised his fans that in the third season, we will see a “charming and heroic Geralt” played by Henry Quill. “Hirsich” says about the position of “Geralt” in the third season of The Witcher 3 series:

The third season is the turn of the great “Geralt” to do everything to reach “satiation”. This is the most heroic approach we’ve written for Geralt in Season 3. For the fourth season of the series, we have a new mission for Geralt. Geralt in the fourth season will be a little different than the fans of the series imagine.

Netflix network exact time for the release of the third season The Witcher series has not announced But the last season of Henry Quill’s appearance in this series is expected to be released in the summer of 2023.

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