Watch: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra endurance tests

تست مقاومت گلکسی S23 اولترا سامسونگ

It was almost a week ago that Samsung unveiled the new generation of its flagship phones, the S23 series. In this article, we will serve you with videos of the resistance test of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone. Stay with us.

At the first Unpacked event of 2023, Samsung unveiled the S23 family member, which, as its name suggests, is the oldest and most valuable member of the family. Accordingly, this phone has been able to capture most of the attention of the media and YouTubers of the technology world. In one of the latest cases, Zach Nelson on his YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything, went to the S23 Ultra and shared the phone’s endurance test with his audience. In addition to Zach, PBKreviews YouTube channel which also has a hand in resistance and dissection tests, has challenged Samsung’s new flagship.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra excel in the resistance test?

Zach starts the durability test video by unboxing the S23 Ultra and then moves on to the scratch test. First, he measures the stability of the S23 Ultra screen with the new protective layer (Gorilla Glass Victus 2) by using his sharp objects with different degrees of hardness, and then moves on to other parts of the phone, such as the metal edge, the back frame, and the cameras. The second stage is the fire test, where the display of this phone is exposed to a direct flame to measure its durability. In the last stage, Zach tries to use the power of his hands to bend the S23 Ultra phone in half. But if you want to see if Samsung’s flagship comes out of these tough stages, it’s better to watch the video below.

More realistic S23 Ultra tests by PBK

The PBK resistance tests look a bit more realistic than the JRE tests. First, he placed the Samsung phone in a container of water for a while to check its waterproof level. Then he checked the vulnerability of the S23 Ultra with sharp objects such as keys and coins, and after using special Mohs hardness testing kits, which he shares with Zack, he checked the resistance of the screen, the back frame and the protection of the cameras in more detail. The last stage of this test was the fall from a height, which also recorded interesting results.

We invite you to view this resistance test of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone and share your opinions about this phone with us.

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