Ways to circumvent sanctions: Huawei handsets may be licensed to other companies

راهی برای دور زدن تحریم: لایسنس گوشی‌های هواوی احتمالا به سایر شرکت‌ها واگذار می‌شود

A new Bloomberg report says that in order to circumvent US sanctions, Huawei will cede its smartphone design license to other companies so that it can supply the necessary parts without any problems. Negotiations are apparently underway between Huawei and third parties.

According to the claim Bloomberg, Huawei is in talks with some companies to grant them a design license for their handsets, thereby gaining access to parts that are beyond the reach of the Chinese company. One such party is Xnova, a subsidiary of China Post and Communication Services Corporation (PTAC), which will likely receive some Huawei design licenses and purchase the parts needed to make the handsets.

In another part of the report, it is said that Huawei is also negotiating with TD Tech Ltd so that the company can build and sell its products based on Huawei’s designs. Bloomberg sources claim that Huawei expects the partnership to increase sales of the company’s handsets to more than $ 30 million next year.

On this account, it seems that the Chinese giant is looking to use Qualcomm and MediaTek chips by changing its product manufacturing strategy instead of using Kirin chips. By doing so, the company will not only be able to maintain the flow of money into its business, but will also be able to circumvent US sanctions and use the technology of various companies. In other words, Huawei-designed phones can access important components such as the 5G modem, TSMC chipsets and, of course, Google’s Android applications.

The report comes as the Biden government signed the Safe Equipment Act a few days ago. Under the law, the US Federal Communications Commission can not authorize equipment that poses an unacceptable risk to national security. Huawei and ZTE are on the list of companies that are considered dangerous to US security.

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