Western Digital unveiled the world’s first 20TB hard drive with OptiNAND technology

وسترن دیجیتال از اولین هارد ۲۰ ترابایتی دنیا با فناوری OptiNAND رونمایی کرد

Western Digital has introduced the world’s first 20TB hard drive equipped with a built-in iNAND UFS flash drive called EFD to use it for better performance, higher reliability and more capacity. The company’s OptiNAND architecture does not use 3D NAND memory for caching, but stores a variety of metadata to enhance key features of hard drives.

20TB Western Digital hard drive with OptiNAND technology from 9.2.2TB ePMR plotter, three-step activation technology for precise positioning of read and write heads, an iNAND UFS drive with unspecified capacity and 3D TLC NAND memory and dedicated on-chip (SoC) system this company composed Which controls the drive and enables connection between HDD and EDF.

Western Digital says the company’s OptiNAND technology will be used in various generations of the company’s future hard drives, including ePMR-based hard drives and newer versions. Siva Siwaram, Director of Global Technologies and Western Digital Strategy, says:

“With our intellectual property and world-class development teams in the field of hard drives and flash drives, we can continually push the boundaries of innovation to improve the storage infrastructure for our customers. We have had an extraordinary journey in the field of HDD innovations. HelioSeal changed everything in 2013. In 2019, the first energy-based HDD was released in large numbers, and now we want to be at the forefront again with OptiNAND technology. This architecture sets the roadmap for our HDD technologies for generations to come. “We expect ePMR drives with OptiNAND technology to reach 50 terabytes in the second half of this decade.”

Western Digital has not said how much the addition of iNAND EFD technology will affect the cost of hard drives, but we should expect the addition of a new component along with the use of an advanced SoC controller to increase costs. Keep in mind that the OptiNAND Western Digital architecture has several advantages over traditional HDD architectures and is obviously more expensive.

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