Western Digital unveiled two new 20TB hard drives with OptiNAND technology

وسترن دیجیتال از دو هارد ۲۰ ترابایتی جدید با فناوری OptiNAND رونمایی کرد

Western Digital has unveiled two new 20TB HDDs called the Ultrastar DC HC560 and WD Gold HDD, which use the company’s OptiNAND technology. Both drives are the same size as the standard 3.5 inches.

Western Digital in OptiNAND uses two technologies INAND UFS and EFD alongside conventional rotating disks to 9 plots (or disks) each with a capacity of 2.2 terabytes to a total capacity of 20 terabytes To achieve. In addition, the two products use energy-assisted magnetic information recording (EAMR) and HelioSeal technology, which reduces airflow in the plotters.

Although most PCs today use SSDs, many users still use HDDs because they are less expensive. However, new Western Digital products are likely to have different uses. The Ultrastar DC HC560 is likely to be used by cloud service providers, small business servers, corporate security systems, and NAS devices. WD Gold HDD will also be used for commercial companies that have heavy workloads over long periods of time.

The 20TB WD Gold HDD is priced at $ 679, but Western Digital has not yet announced a price for the Ultrastar DC HC560. However, the previous generation of this product called Ultrastar DC HC550 is available at a price of about $ 400 and has a capacity of 18 terabytes.

“We changed everything in 2013 with HelioSeal, and we were the first company to mass-produce HDD-based hard drives in 2019, and again we want to be the market leader with OptiNAND technology,” said Western Digital’s chief technology officer. Let’s be. “As we await the release of 50TB ePMR HDD technology in the second half of the decade, this architecture will strengthen our footprint of HDD technologies for generations.”

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