What are the main principles of setting a men’s watch?

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You are not a fashion person, there is no problem, everyone should not be a fashion stylist, but it is necessary for every man to apply a series of basic principles in setting clothes, otherwise, even if you wear the most expensive clothes and the best accessories. Keep in mind you look irregular and bad taste. This Nick Gallery article will provide you with the basics Men’s watch set We introduce all gentlemen as the main accessory.

Why is it important to set a men’s watch?

Imagine you are at a formal party and you are talking to the guests, a very dignified gentleman approaches you and gives you his business card, when he reaches out to you, he suddenly has a red rubber watch The color catches your eye, you are completely distracted, and no matter how much he tries to influence you and encourage you to cooperate with him, you may not even hear him speak, because your mind is involved in the disproportionate time that the whole style of the gentleman. Impressed and very disproportionate.

Yes, making a wrong choice can easily jeopardize your ability to negotiate and achieve your goals. Style is important because it conveys various messages to your audience non-verbally and without wanting to create an image of you in the minds of others that if it is wrong, you have to spend a lot of time and energy to correct it, so it is better to have the right style from the beginning. Have it with your men’s watch to convey the right message to others. Some of the most important principles of men’s watch set are:

  • Coordination of formal watch and style

No matter how formal your style is, the watch you wear should match it. Just as you can not wear a ketone with a formal suit, using a sports watch will change your style. In contrast, a completely formal classic watch should not be set with a street or casual style, because it confuses your whole style and surprises others. If you think your watch is too small to be seen, you are sorely mistaken. When shaking hands, picking up objects, or even moving hands to convey concepts, the thing that catches people’s attention the most is the time they hold hands.

  • Clock size and style harmony

Choosing sports watches is the best option when you are wearing an all-sport type that includes a simple T-shirt or shirt, pants and sneakers, and you are probably going out for an informal meeting with someone. The larger the watch face and the more crowded its design, the more suitable it is for informal styles, such as chronograph watches.

The size of formal watches, in addition to being in line with your wrist, should be medium and not too large and crowded. In formal styles, the large screen clocks with crowded design attract the attention of others to the clock and overshadow your style. The suit is the most important element of the formal style, and the other accessories should be chosen in such a way that the main shine of your style is with the suit.

Finally, very small watches for men, who usually have larger handles than women, are often not a good choice and seem out of place. If the watch catches your eye, make sure it is not too small for your hand before buying.

  • The smart watch is the enemy of official appointments

Smart watches Connected to your cell phone makes it easier to communicate with others during the day and significantly reduces cell phone usage, but having a smartwatch during an important work session can be a major distraction. The emails and text messages that you receive during the session, the various messages that are displayed on the phone screen, can distract you and make you look distracted and inattentive during the individual session. If you have a smartwatch during important business meetings, try to interrupt its messages and do whatever you know how to distract you from the meeting.

  • In expensive commercial watches are prohibited

During important business appointments, use a formal watch with a medium dial that is not too glamorous and with a narrow strap and without complexity, it will give a beautiful effect to your style. Simple watches usually go with any outfit and make it easier for you to choose clothes. An expensive watch may send a message to other attendees that you are showing off your wealth. This misconception distorts people’s mental image of you and may prevent you from achieving your business goals. Keep expensive watches more in your collection and to choose them, choose charities, family celebrations and family ceremonies to be safe from the wrong judgment of others and you can use your luxury watch more.

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What should be considered when choosing a good men’s watch?

Your taste and choice will definitely come first, but if you are looking to buy a quality watch that is also reasonably priced, go for watches whose glass material is scratch-resistant so that it can work for more years without losing its original quality. Crystal and mineral glass are also of acceptable quality, and if you choose a watch whose glass is made of these materials, it is a good choice for you.

men’s watch High quality ATM3 has minimal water resistance, which makes it easy not to damage the hands when washing or when exposed to rain, and will not interfere with its performance. Water can cause irreparable damage to the watch motor and body, so it is best to go for watches that are waterproof.

When buying a watch, pay attention to its strap, leather strap watches are very high quality, but these straps are less resistant to water and break down very quickly. So it is better to try to choose waterproof metal and plastic straps that are not easily damaged. Sewing a watch strap is also very important, if it has clean and symmetrical stitching, it is probably the right material and you can buy it safely.

Quality and affordable watches should have a nice design and clean payment. If the price of the watch was low and its appearance did not pay well, it is probably one of the low quality copy watches that you will lose if you pay for it. These watches have a very short lifespan and become unusable very quickly.

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