What causes the car engine not to start?

What causes the car engine not to start?

Sometimes the car engine may not start all at once after the car is turned off. This can be very challenging and anxious, especially when we need to use the car immediately. In this article, we will look at the reasons why the engine does not turn on and examine why the car may not turn on?

Why does the car not turn on?

There are two possible situations here, the first is that the car does not start at all and the second is if the car starts but the car does not start. In the following, we will examine both categories of reasons.

One: The car does not start!

If, after turning the key inside the switch housing or pressing the start button, you notice that the car starter does not work, the first reason for this problem may be related to the battery running low.

If the battery is low or there is not enough energy in the battery, the starter will not be able to turn the car engine. If the battery is fully discharged, you do not have power behind the amp, but if the battery is weak, the starter will move the engine shaft very weakly, but will not be able to turn on the propulsion.

Why your car does not turn on

On the other hand, if the car starter only operates with a click, but does not have enough power to rotate the engine, you should also go to the battery connections; Because if the battery cable is loose, the starter will not have enough power and energy to start the engine.

Other reasons for not starting the engine include failure of the switch assembly or the automatic starter itself. In this case, the mentioned parts should be inspected by a skilled repairman and repaired if necessary.

Why your car does not turn on

The starter works well but your car does not turn on

If the starter is working properly but the problem persists and you want to know why your car does not start, you should check the following:

1- Lack of gasoline

This may seem like a trivial matter, but it can sometimes be the main reason why a car engine does not start. Therefore, you must first make sure that there is enough fuel in the tank, because otherwise your car engine will not start.

Why your car does not turn on

2- Gas station failure

If the car starts properly but does not turn on, one reason for this problem could be related to a problem at the car’s gas station. The gas station usually performs normally in the range of 150,000 to 200,000 km, but then gradually enters the depreciation cycle and gradually reduces the quality of its work, until it will suddenly go out of circuit. In this case, it needs to be pulled out of the tank and replaced.

Of course, reasons such as burning the relay or fuse of the gas station, defective connections of the gas station wires and the like can also lead to improper operation of the car gas station. You should know that in case of failure of the gas station, its sound will not be heard in the open switch mode.

The car does not turn on

3- Coil failure and power supply system to it

The coil is responsible for supplying power to the spark plugs, and if this important part fails, the car engine will no longer start. Defects in the electrical socket, relays and fuses related to the coil or double relay can also lead to the malfunction of this basic part of the car electrical system.

4- Obstruction of air inlet or outlet

Combustion cars depend on air suction and easy smoke extraction to do their job. Therefore, any problem in completely blocking the air inlets to the engine and the gas outlet from it can lead to the engine not starting and as a result your car will not turn on.

Why your car does not turn on

5- Engine speed sensor failure

The engine speed sensor, which is originally mounted on the gearbox and monitors the rotation of the crankshaft, will not allow the engine to start in the event of a breakdown; Because in this case, ASIO will not be able to detect the start of the engine in any way. Excessive dirt on the sensor head can also cause the car engine to not start

6- Double relay failure

The double relay acts as a power distribution box and supplies current to parts such as the gas station, ASI and injector needle, etc. In case of failure of this part, it will certainly not reach the devices of the power injector system and the car will not turn on.

The car does not turn on

7- Activation of inertia switch

The inertia switch is responsible for cutting off the power to the gas station in the event of an accident to prevent fire damage. Occasionally, this switch may come on as a result of an impact or a severe bump, cut off the power to the gas station and cause the car engine to not start. In this case, by pressing it again, you can return the electricity to the fuel system.

It is interesting to note that this has been relatively common among domestically produced cars in recent years.

8- Time belt rupture

If the timing belt breaks, the crankshaft force is not transmitted to the camshaft, the valve remains fixed at the cylinder head, and as a result your car engine does not start.

Why your car does not turn on

The last word

By studying the above, you will generally understand why your car does not turn on. But in general, it should be said that diagnosing the failure of car technical systems is not an easy task and will usually require the presence of an expert. Therefore, in such cases, it is better to avoid unnecessary manipulation of the car and contact the service centers so that the car can be referred to the repair shop if needed.

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