What happens if the moon disappears?

اگر ماه ناپدید شود چه اتفاقی می‌افتد؟

We are all to see Month We are accustomed to the night sky and we consider it normal. But what effect does this little sphere have? Earth life has it? If the moon disappears, what about the living beings in seas And Drought comes?

The glow of a full moon provides a calm and beautiful environment that is very fascinating. The ancient people used the moon as a clock and calendar. «AnaxagorasThe fifth-century Greek philosopher was arrested and exiled for arguing that the moon is an object, not a god. In the thirteenth century «Roger Bacon»Famous English philosopher and monk«FranciscanHe thought that the moon’s rays caused the seawater to evaporate.

In the year 2020A planetary geophysicist from the German Aerospace Center and the University «MunsterHe made new calculations to explain how the Earth’s moon formed about 4 billion years ago.

Moon on average 238855 Miles away from Earth and the closest celestial body to our planet. The diameter of this sphere can be approximated 2159 He wanted to know. In other words, the moon is about a quarter of the earth. This ratio of 1 to 4 causes the Earth to easily affect its moon in terms of gravity. But if the moon suddenly disappears, What happens on the surface of the earth??

When the moon disappears from the sky, people living near the oceans will see immediate changes in tides – these changes will occur at twice the previous speed. Tidal changes are having a significant impact on ecosystems along the coastline. Creatures such as crabs, oysters and starfish will become extinct rapidly.

Terrestrial animals are also affected by this change – especially those that depend on moonlight for night hunting. These animals are unable to find food in the dark and will starve to death after a while. Because all of Earth’s ecosystems are interconnected and interdependent, a chain reaction with Marine life extinction It begins on the coast, leading to the human struggle for survival.

Astronomy states that the earth, after removing the moon’s gravity on its axis, folds up 23.5 degrees – On average – it tilts. This affects the seasons and climate change. Scientists predict that this will lead to an ice age in the long run.

Humans, on the other hand, rely on seasons and climates to plant and harvest their crops. Removing them disrupts patterns created over thousands of years in food production and ultimately make life on Earth difficult.

If the moon disappears, life on earth will end and we will lose everything we have ever made on earth.

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