What happens to time and space inside a black hole?

چه اتفاقی برای زمان و فضا در داخل یک سیاهچاله می‌افتد؟

Black holes have always been mysterious objects to us in the universe. These objects are so strange that even light can not escape them. So what happens to time and space inside the black hole?

Black holes form when massive stars – with a mass of approx 20 times the mass of the sun They are nearing the end of their life, the energy inside the star’s core is running out, and eventually the star will collapse under its own internal gravitational force.

When this happens, one Supernova – One of the brightest explosions in our world – is created. According to one study per year 2022About 40 billion black holes There is in our visible world. Black holes about three to ten times the mass of the Sun are black holes with “Star crime” called.

Large mass black holes, on the other hand, can have masses ranging from hundreds of thousands to billions of times that of the Sun. Recent studies have shown that at least one very massive black hole is found in the center of most large galaxies.

Black holes are undoubtedly the most mysterious astrophysical phenomena in our universe. Prominent physicist of history «Albert EinsteinWho introduced the concept of space-time a century ago, in the early decade 1990 He also predicted the existence of black holes. Mathematics and Physics Einstein’s theory of general relativity proved that black holes must exist, but at the time the concept was so strange that everyone doubted it.

Since then, NASA and many scientists in Trying to know more about black holes have been. Some black holes are very old and belong to the early universe. Others have only been formed in the last few million years. However, apart from the issue of age, crime and status, the fundamental question is: what happens to time and space inside the black hole?

Time and space inside the black hole

As Einstein predicted, by crossing Black hole event horizon – The border between the outer and inner space of the black hole – everything starts to get weird. In other words, time and space stretch forever. This is really hard to understand!

First consider that the gravitational force of a black hole is so strong that nothing can escape it – not even light. On the other hand, in areas far from the black hole, according to Newton’s first law Objects continue to move until something stops them. However, what happens to a star when it is near a black hole? Will the star stop moving?

After the star crosses the event horizon, an important event occurs: the laws of motion in space-time change for that object. Now the star can only go to the center or «SingularityThe black hole will advance. The star has no way to escape. In other words, entering the black hole is a one-way street from which there is no way to escape.

What happens when a star reaches singularity? Does the movement stop? Astronomers believe the star will continue to move indefinitely. In other words, space and time stretch to infinity and the star never stops moving. This is why black holes can devour very large objects without leaving a trace of them.

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