What is AI Upscaling technology and what is its application in Samsung TVs?

What is AI Upscaling technology and what is its application in Samsung TVs?

When we choose one of the models and series of 4K or 8K TVs for our home, we expect to watch all the content or a large percentage of it with the original resolution of the TV and fully benefit from all the features of the product we paid for. let’s take This usually does not happen in the case of some movies and series, football and sports matches, etc. The maximum image resolution of these programs is usually HD or FHD, and for this reason, we are prevented from watching them with 4K or 8K resolution.

By introducing AI Upscaling technology in its QLED TV series, Samsung took a big step to solve this challenge of the entertainment world.

AI Upscaling What is?

AI Upscaling in Samsung TVs is a technology based on artificial intelligence that improves the quality and clarity of images with advanced analysis. So it doesn’t matter what quality the content you are watching is produced; Your display will upscale it to 4K and even 8K resolution, making it easy to see the details of every image. Previously, if you played a program or movie at a lower quality than what your TV supports, the images would either be played at the same quality and surrounded by a black area from dead pixels, or from the information of one pixel for two or four. The adjacent pixel was being used, and in this way you would see a blurry and poor quality output. But AI Upscaling technology uses a powerful processor to understand the image and by analyzing each pixel, it gets help from the information and the image itself to improve it.

Using this technology allows you to watch the images broadcast by sports channels in SD quality or in a better case with HD quality, in your home with several times better quality. This wonderful image, along with the powerful sound quality of Samsung TVs, gives you the feeling of being in the stadium.

What is AI Upscaling technology and what is its application What is AI Upscaling technology and what is its application in Samsung TVs? 2

upgrade AI Upscaling

In 2021, Samsung introduced its new Neo QLED TVs, which use the unique Neo Quantum processor.

Samsung’s Neo QLED 8k TVs are one of the latest products of Samsung that benefit from artificial intelligence-based picture quality improvement technology. The Neural Quantum 8K processor in this TV has 20 neural networks of artificial intelligence, which produces additional pixels by processing the information of each frame, with the aim of increasing details, and with this process improves the final quality and resolution of that frame, in addition to learning the algorithm. That image will also change the subsequent frames and finally give your video content a special detail and overall clarity.

For example, if the content you are playing is produced in HD quality (1920 x 1080), this TV is capable of upscaling the output image pixels to 8K (7680 x 4320) resolution. Of course, this increase in quality is not only for movie images, but it also works for games, and by optimizing the quality of images, it helps you improve the visual experience of game content. On the other hand, the processor of this powerful display is also equipped with Real Depth Enhancer. This functionality is similar to the human eye and by separating the subject from the background by creating depth, it increases the quality of the image. As a result, with Neo QLED 8k, you no longer need to worry about the quality of your content broadcast, and you can watch all that you have recorded in the past and are now part of your memories and nostalgia with future quality.

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