What is Bill Gates’ cell phone?

What is Bill Gates' cell phone?

In today’s world, everyone knows Bill Gates, co-founder and at various times chairman, CEO, president, and chief software architect of Microsoft. the sixth richest person in the world; the writer; and famous philanthropist But what people really want to know is which cell phone Bill Gates uses as his day-to-day phone. Well, that question has apparently been answered, and it seems Bill Gates is now a fan of foldable phones for whatever reason, but not his former company.

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Bill Gates is a fan of Samsung phones

Gates last year Reddit AMA (which stands for Ask Me Anything or whatever you want to ask me is) your love to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 revealed and said that this phone is both a portable computer and a great phone. If you’re wondering why he didn’t choose Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2, it’s probably because the device isn’t very good and isn’t a true foldable phone, as the device uses two separate panels held together by a hinge. are also connected.

Bill Gates yesterday Reddit AMA Another participated where he was asked if he would use a new phone as a daily cell phone. Well, his answer was nothing but A Galaxy Z Fold 4. With a personal fortune of $111 billion, the phone’s near $2,000 price tag is unlikely to be a concern for Bill Gates, but it seems that even he is Lee Jae-yongSamsung president said, he did not even pay for this phone. In fact, this phone is a gift that was given to him when the two met in South Korea.

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What is Bill Gates cell phone What is Bill Gates' cell phone? 2

The billionaire confirmed that he is still a fan of Microsoft products, noting that he uses Outlook and other Redmond software on his Z Fold 4. Gates also cited the large size of foldable screens as a reason not to use Microsoft Windows tablets and PCs.

Another question was asked, could Gates confirm the rumors that the next Microsoft Duo will ditch the dual screens and go for a folding style display? But while Microsoft has its former boss involved in some product and research programs, he is not fully aware of the company’s hardware roadmap.

Like Bill Gates, we love almost everything about the Galaxy Z Fold 4, with one of the few exceptions being its hefty price tag. Well, we do not have the wealth of Bill Gates, nor is Mr. Lee Jae-yong going to give us one of them as a gift out of friendship. Anyway, in the not-so-distant future, with more investments, folding phones will become a part of public devices.

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