What is hidden inside the pyramids of ancient Maya civilization?

چه چیزی درون هرم‌های تمدن باستانی مایا مخفی شده است؟

Ancient Mayan civilization Hundreds of pyramids in the area from 1000 BC to 1500 AD Central America Making. However, the question that probably occupied the minds of many people is what did the builders of these pyramids hide in these strange structures?

researchers they say The pyramids of the Maya civilization Just like the great pyramids of Egypt Treasures And Tombstones have been. But the interesting thing is that these pyramids are sometimes on Smaller pyramids Were made; In fact, the Great Pyramid contains one or more smaller pyramids at its heart.

For example, inside the pyramid «El CastioThere is another pyramid in the Chichen Itza region of the Yucatan Peninsula, which itself contains another pyramid. “The ancient inhabitants of the Yucatan Peninsula reached an area where people used to live and were abandoned,” said Andres Takhro-Andrade, a professor at the National Independent University of Mexico (UNAM) who researched El Castio. Old structures Did not destroy. “Instead, they built structures on these structures and continued to work in this way.”

“This behavior is not unique to the El Castillo pyramid,” said Dennis Lornia Arguete Espino, a researcher at the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). Several other Mayan and non-Mayan pyramids have similar conditions. Spino says building a pyramid on top of another pyramid in Pre-Hispanic period (Before the Spanish entered the area) was common. The main structures in areas that have hosted people for a long time are usually the result of several phases of construction.

Temples and tombs for the greats of the Maya civilization

However, multi-layered pyramids are not the most common thing archaeologists have found in the pyramids of the Maya civilization. In some of these pyramids معابدی There were some that were used to hold special rituals and some to host the tombs of rulers and prominent figures.

Tombs contain special art objects such as jade masks (for the dead), jade ornaments, obsidian daggers and A razor blade Were a symbol of self-sacrifice in ancient Maya civilization. The Maya used this razor to decorate their ears, cheeks and tongue and donated the resulting blood to their idols.

Le Castel's Leopard Bed
Le Castel’s Leopard Bed

Mayan civilization of great value for objects یشمی He believed. One of the most famous examples of this is the leopard-shaped throne discovered in the Pyramid of El Castillo. Carl Taobe, an anthropologist at the University of California, Riverside, wrote in a 2005 article: High values Were considered. “Jade was an important component in funeral rites and religious ceremonies to call on the gods and ancestors of individuals.”

The pyramids of the Mayan civilization contained much more important objects. For example, the Pyramid of San Bartolo in northern Guatemala contained fragments that were probably fragments of The oldest calendar of the Mayan civilization It belongs to more than 2200 years ago. Or in the Kupan pyramid in Honduras, there are stairs with more than Mayan mark (glyph) Is engraved. According to a 2006 report by the Getty Conservation Institute, these writings tell the story of the Copan rulers.

The Maya civilization used in its writing a system sometimes referred to as “Mayan hieroglyphics” Is known. In this writing system, there are glyphs that represent the sounds that make up understandable words. Researchers have been able to read and translate these writings through these glyphs.

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