What is multiverse and is there any evidence to prove it?

چندجهانی یا مولتی ورس چیست و آیا مدرکی برای اثباتش وجود دارد؟

What is on the other side of the world? Is it possible we are in a world of one Multiverse Be bigger? Movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have repeatedly explored this idea in creative ways. But we now want to answer the scientific question that Multi Vers What is it and how likely is it to exist?

Daydreaming about parallel worlds It has always been observed throughout human history. In a prose poem in 1848, Edgar Allan Poe said he hoped for an unlimited sequence of the world. But the idea of ​​a multiverse was taken more seriously when modern scientific theories tried to explain the nature of our world and predicted that other worlds existed outside of our reality.

“Our understanding of the truth It is not perfect at all. “There is a reality beyond us.” If there were other worlds, they would be separated from us and (at least for now) would not be accessible or identifiable. Because of this, some scientists doubt that the search for a multiverse is scientifically sound.

Will scientists finally one day understand that our world is the only world in existence or not? In the following, we want to take a look at different theories about parallel universes and answer the question of whether there is another version of you in those universes.

What is a multiverse?

Multiverse is a scientific term used to describe other worlds that may exist beyond our visible world. Multi-versions with several scientific theories that Possible scenarios Describe, are predictable. All of these theories collectively say that space and time as we see, reality alone is not possible.

Why do scientists think there are other worlds?

“If there were only one universe, we would not be able to explain all the features of our universe,” said Tom Siegfried, a science correspondent who discusses the change in the concept of multiverse over the past century in The Number of Skies. Why Fundamental constants Are nature in its current form? Why is there enough time in our universe to create stars and planets? Why do stars shine in their current form and have exactly the right amount of energy? “We have no answer to any of these questions in physical theory.”

Siegfried says there are two possible explanations: either to explain the characteristics of our world Newer theories And better present, or we must admit that in one of the countless Parallel world We are present that they are different.

What are the most popular theories in the multiverse?

The most accepted idea in this field is probably from theory Cosmic inflation It originates. This theory states that the world expanded rapidly and rapidly moments after the Big Bang. Cosmic inflation explains many of the visible features of the universe, including its structure and how galaxies are distributed.

“At first it seemed like science fiction,” says Andrei Lindy, one of the architects of the cosmic inflation theory. “But it was able to explain many of the fascinating features of our world, and many took it seriously.”

Multi-world bubble

In one of its predictions, the theory states that inflation can occur over and over again, and a set of Bubble Worlds To create. Not all of these bubbles have properties similar to ours, and the laws of physics may work differently in them. But some may be like our world. However, all of these worlds exist beyond the realm that is directly visible to us.

What other ideas are there?

There is another type of multiverse idea called Interpretation of multiple worlds Known for quantum mechanics. This theory, proposed by Hugh Everett in 1957, describes how matter behaves mathematically. Interpret multiple worlds Existence of different timelines or Parallel facts Describes that they are the result of our different decisions and can sometimes have very different products.

“Hugh Everett says countless,” says James Cockalius, a physicist at the University of Minnesota. Parallel ground There is, and when you do an experiment and you get the probabilities, you live on the same ground that got that particular result. “But on other fronts, different results have been achieved.”

According to this theory, versions of you are probably living in different circumstances that have been created by making decisions that are different from your current decisions. However, the only reality that is understandable to you is the reality in which you are present.

Where are the other parallel universes?


Other versions of Planet Earth Other dimensions They overlap that we do not have access to. MIT ‘s Max Tagmark from this multi-world called «Multilevel Level ThreeIt is called, that is, where different scenarios take place in different branches of reality.

“In the interpretation of multiple worlds, you still have the atomic bomb, but you just do not know exactly when the bomb will explode,” says Lindy. In some cases, the bomb may not explode at all.

On the other hand, Tegmark’s prediction of the idea of ​​parallel worlds by cosmic inflation theories.World level twoCalled, where fundamental physics can be different in different worlds. In an inflationary multiverse, Lindy says you do not even know if it is possible to get an atomic bomb in some parts of the world.

How can we see different versions of ourselves?

Is it possible to travel to parallel worlds? No. Scientists do not believe that travel in Multiverse is possible. At least for now, they do not. “If a large part of the science of physics that has been proven to us is not wrong, travel to parallel worlds is not possible,” says Siegfried. But who knows? “Maybe a thousand years later someone can find a rule you never imagined.”


Is there direct evidence that there are several?

Although explaining some of the features of the world requires multiverse, so far None There is no direct evidence that parallel universes exist. All available evidence is currently theoretical and in some cases philosophical. Some experts claim that the Big Bang was a major cosmic accident and that it was able to create a perfectly balanced universe that هایات We fit. Others believe that there are many physical worlds and that we live only in a world that is suitable for our survival.

The existence of countless parallel universes, some of which have different laws of physics or fundamental constants, is a fascinating idea. “That’s why some people take these ideas seriously, because these ideas can lead to some problems,” says Kakalius. Philosophical “We will respond.”

Scientists do not know whether multiverse can be tested as a theory. The answer of some is negative because they believe in multiverse in definition Independent It is from our world and it cannot be accessed. But perhaps we have not yet found the necessary tests to observe it.

parallel worlds

Will we be sure of the existence of a multiverse in the future?

We may never know if our world is just one of countless other worlds. But different theories have predicted the existence of multiverses, and if these theories are confirmed, the possibility of multiverse existence increases. Siegfried says:

“The universe is not limited to understanding and testing a set of protoplasms on a very small planet. We can say that this idea is not testable, so it is not true, but in fact it means we can not test it. Maybe one day we will find the test method and maybe not. “But the world can do whatever it wants.”

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