What is SNOWA looking for in an innovation ecosystem?

اسنوا در اکوسیستم نوآوری به دنبال چه می‌گردد؟

The world of competition is changing. Hardware has grown enough to fit into anyone’s lifestyle with any perspective, but in the realm of software the issue still has a long way to go.

The intellectual revolution today has shown in the expectations of the audience that there is still a lot of space to explore to improve the level of interaction with them. Artificial intelligence is a new way of achieving such steps.

The thrill of using artificial intelligence from predicting transactions to precisely controlling the mechanical processes of robots and factories is very evident and really practical. Reducing the cost of operations and even the risk of making decisions related to them has shown that it can be very lovable.

One of these applications is the use of artificial intelligence in homes. From controlling the space of the house to receiving purchase and payment orders, all have provided many excuses for the presence of this technology.

In Iran, related industries are still a long way from applying this, although in the Iranian innovation ecosystem, it is a hot and attractive debate that has made significant progress.

SNOWA has also decided to play a more serious role in this process. Its TVs have made significant strides in recognizing its users’ commands, searching for content, and performing required operations, and what the company’s senior executives say is apparently not going to be limited to TVs.

SNOWA has achieved this role by investing in recruiting elite individuals and teams, developing laboratory infrastructures such as artificial intelligence and IoT, and deepening its production technologies. The new operating system of SNOWA TVs, which can be seen even in its 43-inch sizes from last summer, shows that this was not supposed to be a rental feature for a show sale, and this is the technology that the people of Isfahan have really been able to acquire knowledge in this field. . On the other hand, the development of a data center and investment in a leading startup in this field has also been able to accelerate the development of the use of artificial intelligence in SNOWA and equip televisions with a new operating system (Custome OS). A system that, in addition to being able to understand voice commands, also has the power to search and execute a very wide range of content. From searching for movies and music to news and information that, with each use, the depth of accuracy for the commanding person increases.

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