What is the abscissa region and how is it formed?

ناحیه پوچ عوا چیست و چگونه تشکیل شده است؟

It is impossible to look at the night sky and not fall in love with the cosmic grandeur in which we live. Consider, for example, the bright star, which is the brightest star in the sky (except for the sun, of course!). This star is 8.6 light-years away. The North Star is 431 light-years away, and Andromeda, the nearest neighboring galaxy, is about 2.6 million years away. Strange as it may seem, this is a very small scale in the universe and shows the distances of our neighbors.

But is such a scene normal in the universe, and can we have such a distribution of objects everywhere? not at all. Consider, for example, the Boötes Void, an area of ​​the constellation of Aquarius that looks different from the rest of the universe.

A slight look at the absurd area of ​​Ava

The empty region of Ava is a hole 330 million light-years in diameter, or 0.27 percent of the entire universe, which means that almost no galaxy has formed anywhere. To compare these dimensions, the Milky Way is only 100,000 light-years across. We can even easily place the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies in their actual distance in this area.

This area is about 700 million light-years away from us, and from our point of view on Earth exists in the constellation of Ava or Gavaran. This area was discovered by Robert Kirshner at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in 1981.

The position of the empty zone of Ava in the sky

It took only six years for astronomers to realize that the area was not so empty. In 1987, Kirchner and several other astronomers published the results of a study showing that there were eight galaxies in this empty region, and three years later, another astronomer confirmed the presence of three more galaxies in the region.

In 1989, Kirchner found 15 more galaxies in the region and added them to the previous list. If the distribution of galaxies in this region had proceeded according to general law, there would have to be one galaxy for every 10 million light-years, or about 2,000 galaxies. But by 1997, a total of 60 galaxies had been discovered in the region.

The Avae Absolute Area is one of the largest absurd areas astronomers have ever seen in the universe. This area is so large that if the Milky Way galaxy were at its center, humans would not be aware of the existence of other galaxies in the entire universe until the 1960s.

What is the abscissa region and how is it formed What is the abscissa region and how is it formed? 2
The empty area of ​​Ava

This empty area is not the closest to us. The closest absurd region to us is called the “local absurd region”, which is 75 million light-years away and is located in the constellation Sagittarius. The area is 150 million light-years across and a galaxy has been seen so far.

The existence of such an empty space in the universe is a mystery in itself, and even calls into question our perception of the universe’s past. We have come to the conclusion that after the Big Bang, early in the formation of the universe and its expansion in all directions, the pattern of galaxies and empty regions arose from very small quantum fluctuations in the texture of space-time.

What parts of the universe are empty regions?

Empty regions are vast spaces that exist between the galaxy’s strings, the largest scale in the universe. Galaxies are rarely found in these areas or there are no galaxies. The formation and evolution of these regions in the universe is very different from the formation of the universe itself.

Our world has not expanded uniformly. After the Big Bang, everything was balanced and evenly distributed. Gravity kept everything at equal distances, and objects could not collide to form larger objects.

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Important absurd areas in the universe

Shortly after the universe began to form, density variables intensified with quantum fluctuations, eventually creating galaxy clusters and hollow regions. In other words, with these quantum fluctuations in the space-time context, they have created matter. This is interesting when you know that when these oscillations formed around denser regions, they formed matter and eventually galaxies, and when they formed in lower density regions, they reduced the densities of those regions even less, leaving empty regions or voids. They created.

However, astronomers believe that despite the universe’s lifespan and very high rate of expansion, there has been enough time for galaxies and empty regions to expand for tens of millions of years. But the dimensions of the empty Ava area are much larger than can be justified.

Is there an explanation for Ava’s absurdity?

Currently, there are two hypotheses to explain this space. In the first case, we consider that the absurd region of Ava is composed of the collision of two other absurd regions. The Eve region is generally not empty, and the galaxies are chaotically stacked together. This arrangement may be a remnant of the boundary between the two empty regions before they collide. This hypothesis is also consistent with the results of recent studies.

However, some believe that this area of ​​space is hidden by an extraterrestrial civilization with its advanced technology to stay out of sight of its enemies or just wants to be away from the whole space around it. But we all know that such a possibility is very unlikely, and if an advanced civilization were to hide elsewhere, we certainly would not be able to observe 60 galaxies in their space empire.

It is also possible that our current conception of the universe is so limited that we cannot justify the absurd region of Ava with it. Astronomers know that both quantum and gravity theories played a role in shaping this space, but our knowledge of the world around us is still so limited that we cannot combine the two theories into one “theory of everything” and explain its existence. But we can hope that if this theory is presented in a unified format, all the current problems of physics will be solved.

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