What is the difference between the original and counterfeit pads?

تفاوت ظاهری لنت‌های اصلی و تقلبی چیست؟

Unfortunately, due to the ban on the import of pads and all auto parts that have domestic similarities, the pad market is full of counterfeit samples, and some substandard and miscellaneous manufacturers sell their low-quality and counterfeit products in boxes similar to the original brand boxes. In this situation, it is necessary to know the ways to identify counterfeit and genuine pads from each other.

In this regard, Shahin Khatami, an expert and researcher in the field of brake pads, says: “Unfortunately, we see that the boxes and cartons of the main brands are easily produced and made available to profiteers, and many carton companies do not pay attention to the customer and whether he really owns the brand or not. . »

He emphasizes: “Of course, some carton companies also demand the presentation of brand and standard documents of the part by the customer against the existing orders and are not willing to design and produce the product box without going through the mentioned steps.” “However, some cartoons are willing to design and print boxes without the necessary checks and only for a fee.”

“For example,; In one of the brands of brake pads, shoes can be identified in terms of thickness and cut. “It is also possible to find out whether the piece is counterfeit or genuine through color.”

An error states: “The colors of the furnace do not separate from the body, and to find out if the brake pads are the color of the furnace and the original or not, it is enough to create a square on the color with a cutter and then cover it with glue. In the meantime, the color of the original material is never separated from it, and the top brands of brake pads in the country use kiln paints so that the brake pads do not rust. “Underfloor units may also use spray to paint parts.”

He adds: “In counterfeit goods, we see that the pad comes out of the shoe and has a protrusion, and we never see this issue in the quality brands of the country, and in principle, they do not have such a product. “That is, in terms of appearance and dimensions, the counterfeit pad is recognizable from the original.”

It should be noted that the use of counterfeit pads in addition to the issue of poor safety can also reduce the useful life of the brake disc, because the pad is too strong to damage the disc during braking and imposes additional maintenance costs on the car owner.

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