What is the meaning behind Apple’s brand and name?

چه معنایی پشت برند و نام اپل وجود دارد؟

Has it ever occurred to you to look after Iphone، IPad Or Mac Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl Apple Is it called? Is there a special meaning behind this name or did Apple inevitably choose this name in the early days of its establishment? Continue with دیجیاتو Come on in, take a look at the story.

Apple’s brand is undoubtedly a leading name among its competitors, along with letters like Nvidia، Microsoft، IBM ،AMD، Atari And there are thousands of other names that either have no meaning or have little to do with their products. However, Apple has a different story.

To find the answers to our questions we must go back to when Apple Computers Inc Educated by two friends Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak On April 1st 1976 (1355) Was established. Referring to “ان برشرز“, Author “Steve Jobs thinks differentlyWozniak and Jobs’ goal was to create Apple Computer, which ordinary people can easily use in their homes or offices.

What factors were involved in choosing the Apple name?

Thus, the two began working together to build simple, small computers; A device that anyone anywhere in the world can prepare and use if they wish. Finally, their first product was ready Apple I Was named. But did the Apple name mean anything to them, or did they have a special feeling for the name? Apparently such a thing did not necessarily exist.

In the biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson Jobs told the author that he was on a fruit-based diet, and that the day he came up with the idea for the company’s name, he was returning from an apple orchard, which is also confirmed in Wozniak’s biography because in this At the time, Jobs was sitting in a car driven by Wozniak.

Based on these books, the two men believed that Apple’s name was “interesting and lively and does not look threatening to the other side”, all factors that seem important to a company in the field of computers.

Apple brand meaning and history

Of course, Wozniak was not initially persuaded to use the name because at that time (and even now) the label “Apple Records»Legendary group«Beatles» It was a big name, and he thought starting a company with the same name could have catastrophic consequences for them.

Wozniak’s concerns turned out to be unfounded, and Apple Records sued them for violating trademark laws. The lawsuit was settled out of court with Apple Records.

It is also not bad to know that according to the book «Apple 2.0 Privacy PolicyOur two story Steve even tried to find a better name, letters like Executex Or Matrix Electronics Which were more in line with other companies in the field.

Finally, whatever the story, citing the books and documents mentioned above, we are still sure that both Steve liked the name, and also do not forget that now you can no longer think of Apple products when you see an apple, and that means That Jobs and Wozniak chose the right option.

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