What is the use of employee attendance information?

از اطلاعات حضور و غیاب کارمندان چه استفاده‌هایی می‌شود؟

Use of new tools for the movement of employees of different companies

Today Online attendance And the moment of employees in each of the different departments using new tools has become one of the needs of human resource managers to be able to use new software thanks to tangible advances in technology, traffic and the passage of employees and other people. Manage and evaluate your company better and more optimally. Practices that in the recent past were done manually for attendance; Accounts and books made the salaries of a company’s employees very time consuming and tedious. In this way, it made each company think of using human resource systems to try to provide new tools in their management and company so that they can use it to pay the salaries of their employees as well as traffic. And better manage their browsing over time. Before we introduce one of the best software in this field to your service; It is better to refer to the question, what other uses of employee attendance information are there besides salaries?

The presence and absence of the needs of human resource managers

The use of online attendance requires each of the HR managers

More today Human resource managers They are using their employees’ online presence and absence. Because the presence and absence with mobile or using the web version of it through tablet and Labtab, has made their needs faster and easier. One of the main uses of online presence with mobile with the help of advanced software in this field; Employee payroll according to their arrival and departure times. In such a way that if any of the human resource managers want to calculate the accounts and books of their employees more accurately without any injustice to anyone; They can use the reports that these softwares provide to them instantly online; Calculate the salaries of their employees perfectly accurately and without any objections so that everyone can receive their salaries in proportion to their working hours. But are other uses for employees’ online presence separate from payroll calculations? This issue will be discussed below.

Different uses of online attendance with mobile

Online presence with mobile has many features and can help human resource managers a lot. Among the uses of online presence and absence with mobile can be taken in each of the different companies and offices; The following can be mentioned:

  1. Control and management of employees of a company and the distinction between each of them according to the number of working hours and their entry and exit
  2. Registration of information of each working staff of different companies using their definition in the relevant software with the possibility of registering their faces
  3. Creating discipline to the staff of each company and increasing their work efficiency, which adds to the growth and productivity of a company’s employees.
  4. Maintaining the security of the information of the employees of a company by using online presence and absence and in order to protect their information
  5. Fair treatment of work personnel according to the type of their activities
  6. Presence and absence of employees of the remote company thanks to having mobile internet or web version available in Labtab at any time and place
  7. Improving the job satisfaction of the employees of a company by recording their working hours as well as their overtime hours in a completely accurate way
  8. Provide daily, weekly, monthly and even annual reports based on the activities of each employee in a fraction of a second
  9. Assess employee performance by HR managers using online attendance at any time of the day, anywhere
  10. And…

Because of these features and uses that today use different software in this regard, which we will get acquainted with one of the most popular.

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Various uses of Times software for online attendance

Familiarity with Times software for online attendance with mobile

Online attendance is done using various software, one of which is the best and newest Times software is. You can easily install Times on your smartphone or web-based version on your laptop and computer so that you can easily evaluate the presence and absence of your company’s employees at any time and place, thanks to the Internet. If you want to use this software in addition to salary; Due to the various capabilities and special features that Times has; You can make the most of it optimally. So now, by buying and installing Times software, experience online presence and absence in your company with mobile.

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