What plans does Ilan Mask have for Twitter?

ایلان ماسک چه برنامه‌هایی برای توییتر دارد؟

Ilan Mask Last night, he was able to get the approval of the Twitter board to buy this social network and paid the total amount. $ 44 billion, It will take over. But what plans does the richest person in the world have for this popular and popular media?

Before the news of the purchase of Twitter by Mask became official, Tesla’s CEO had announced some of his plans, the most important of which was the expansion of freedom of expression on this social network. But the world’s richest man shared more information with his audience last night by posting a short statement on his Twitter account that attracted millions of new followers in 24 hours.

But can Mask keep all his promises? Should we wait for Twitter with more freedom of expression or should we say less monitoring? Time will answer these and several other questions.

Ilan Mask’s apps for Twitter

As we said mask with release Short statement On his Twitter account, which received more than two million likes, he identified some of his plans, the first of which Freedom of expression Is. Below we take a look at the programs of the richest person in the world for Twitter.

Expanding freedom of expression

Ilan Musk is a proponent of absolute freedom of speech, and when Donald Trump’s official account was permanently closed due to his supporters’s attack on the House of Congress, he tweeted that many of these decisions would be unpleasant. But Ilan Mask’s possible decision to reduce oversight could be dangerous.

In 2018, the social network was criticized after the publication of a study by MIT University that showed that misinformation spreads faster through Twitter than real news. Since then, Twitter has stepped up its efforts to combat hate speech and increase user security, such as tagging misinformation. During this time, some popular accounts were suspended, and it was recently announced that ads that question climate change could not be posted on the social network.

Ilan Mask

Despite these efforts, still Hate speech And the misinformation continues to spread on this social network, the latest example of which can be found in the Russia-Ukraine war. Ilan Musk, although he said hate speech on Twitter will be banned, is still in the gray area. So perhaps with a reduction in surveillance or, according to Musk, an increase in freedom of expression, Twitter may become an unfavorable environment and lose its users (the opposite is also true, of course).

Remove ads

When Ilan Musk became the largest shareholder in Twitter, he made promises that were later deleted from Twitter. One of these promises was to eliminate advertising; Ads on which Twitter revenue depends. The social network had revenue of $ 1.57 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, of which $ 1.41 billion was for advertising.

However, the company recently launched its first shared service, “Twitter Blue»Which costs users $ 3 per month to access premium features. However, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced in February that there was no guarantee that financial goals would be achieved through the Blue service.

Ilan Mask agrees with the joint plan, but wants the costs to be reduced. Although the richest person in the world has said that he does not look at Twitter financially, but this platform should continue to generate revenue because half of the cost of buying this social network is financed by other companies. So to pay back, Twitter must have revenue.

Dealing with spam and user authentication

Spam bots are one of Twitter’s biggest problems, according to Ilan Mask. These bots usually promote crypto world scams and countless users fall victim to these scams.

Although Twitter has developed various methods in recent years to detect fake accounts, they can still be bypassed and complex bots can be bypassed. In addition, people can put themselves in someone else’s shoes; This is an issue that we have witnessed many times in recent years. So Twitter has a problem with that.

Ilan Mask Twitter

At present, Mask’s belief in dealing with such a problem now seems to be to authenticate all real human beings or link them to other methods of authentication, such as a phone number or a photo. But this method has its own problems and some users have already opposed it.

Authentication of users can deprive them of their freedom and be a kind of invasion of privacy. Even if Twitter keeps this information to itself, it is possible for the servers to infiltrate or for governments to gain access to this data. So we do not know exactly what the world’s richest man plans to do.

Open source algorithms

What most people see on social media are sophisticated algorithms that work in secret. But Mask wants to dispel such a view and open up Twitter algorithms to let users know how they work. By doing this, users can find out how a tweet has received attention or, conversely, failed to attract an audience.

Despite this promise, some experts say it’s more complicated than the mask expects. In fact, aside from algorithms, we are faced with a large amount of data on which the performance of algorithms depends. Even if Twitter publishes the code of its algorithms, many users will still not notice them and will encounter a large number of codes.

Edit tweet button

One of the features that users have been waiting for a long time is adding Edit tweet button To this social network. Ilan Musk conducted a poll earlier this month, a few weeks ago, about adding an edit button to tweets. 4.4 million people took part in the poll, with over 70% agreeing with such a feature.

Although the edit button allows users to correct typing errors, on the other hand, old conversations may be manipulated. However, Twitter has said that it has a solution to prevent this issue, and according to reports, the history of edits is apparently recorded so that they can be referred to if necessary.

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The edit button, of course, has another problem. Twitter allows third-party apps and developers to download tweets instantly, so the social network no longer has control over these tweets. Therefore, it can not retrieve them and provide edited tweets to such individuals or companies.

Despite all this, the tweet edit button will be added to Twitter, and of course it will be available to users of the Twitter Blue service first, but perhaps with the new owner, only users of the same service will be able to experience it, something that is a bit far-fetched. نظر می‌رسد.

In the end, buying Twitter is a big challenge for Ilan Mask, but the richest person in the world is no stranger to the challenges. SpaceX and Tesla have both gone through a very difficult financial situation in the past and, under the management of Ilan Mask, have not only escaped bankruptcy, but are now the world’s largest private space company and the most valuable automaker, respectively.

Twitter will probably be handed over to Ilan Mask in a few months before the end of this year, but in the meantime we expect the new owner of this social network to share his plans with those who are more transparent.

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