What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event?

اپل در رویداد ۲۳ شهریور از چه محصولاتی رونمایی خواهد کرد؟

Apple announced a few days before its next event called “California Streaming” on September 14 (September 14). The Cupertinos are likely to unveil the iPhone 13 series handsets at the event, but what other products should we expect to be introduced by the tech giant next to these handsets?

Given Apple’s approach in previous years, with the exception of 2020, when the Corona epidemic changed the company’s plans, Cupertino should focus on the new iPhones on Tuesday. Of course, the iPhone 13 will not be the only product of this event, and the company will even unveil new services along with new hardware.

According to reports, Apple will introduce and launch many products by the end of this year, but we should not wait for the unveiling of all of them at the September 14 event. This Cupertino event will take place on Tuesday at 9:30 pm and we will cover it live on Digito. In the following, we will have a look at the possible products present at this event.

Watch the video on Digito YouTube:

Watch the video on Digito:

IPhone 13

Without a doubt, the most important product we will be waiting for on Tuesday will be the iPhone 13 series phones. There have been many reports of these products in recent weeks and months, and we expect that, like their predecessor, they will be introduced in four versions. Of course, this year will probably be the last time that users will have access to the mini version, and from the next generation, this phone will be removed from the Cupertino product portfolio.

The iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will be Apple’s new handsets for the September 23 event, which will not look much different from their predecessors, although we expect the screen notch to be reduced. In addition, the dimensions of the camera module as well as their protrusions will increase.

Leaving aside the appearance changes, we come to the technical capabilities. Of course, Apple’s latest iPhones will come with specifications that include most of the components. These phones come with the A15 Bionic chip, which, despite the 5-nanometer lithography similar to the previous generation, will have higher power and lower power consumption.

1631418338 918 What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event? 2

Apple is also likely to increase the iPhone’s display refresh rate after a long time, and users of these phones will finally experience the feature that buyers of flagship and even mid-range Android phones had access to. Of course, the Cupertinos will not be too generous with this, and will probably only have a 120 hp Pro Refresh model display.

The smartphones will also be equipped with an improved camera, and all of them are expected to feature “Shift Sensor” anti-shake technology this year. We also have to wait for new shooting modes for them. Other possible features of the iPhone 13 series include the ability to always have a bright display, larger batteries and new colors. The final version of iOS 15 will probably be available to users at the same time as the release date of these products.

Apple Watch Series 7

1631418338 14 What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event? 4

Another product present at the event will be the Apple Watch 7 Series. Although some reports suggest problems with the production of this smartwatch, it is very likely that the Cupertinos will unveil it on September 14th. However, they may be later than the new iPhones or may be limited in availability at first.

Over the years, Apple’s smartwatch will have a different design and, according to sources, will experience the biggest changes during their presence in the market. The Apple Watch 7 Series, like the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro series, is equipped with flat edges and, of course, their dimensions are larger.

This year, instead of Apple 40 and 44 mm watches, we will see 41 and 45 mm models, the larger model will probably have a 1.9 or 2 inch display. Apple will use a newer chip in this generation of its smartwatch and may increase its charging, however we probably should not wait for the blood pressure and blood sugar sensor in it.

For a complete overview of all the possible features of the Apple Watch 7 Series, you can read this Digito article.

AirPad 3

1631418338 776 What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event? 6

The next possible product at the upcoming Apple event will be the company’s new wireless airbag. This product, which will be introduced as AirPad 3, has a different design than its previous generation and looks more like the Pro model. However, we should not wait for active noise cancellation technology to be added to it.

The audio quality of this product is expected to increase and of course it will have more charging than its current generation. Charging the AirPad 3 may be up to 20% more than the AirPod. Other possible features of the AirPad 3 include a smaller rechargeable case as well as interchangeable series.

IPad mini 6

1631418338 167 What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event? 8

The Cupertinos will probably unveil the new generation of iPad mini after a long wait. The iPad mini 5 is the last member of this family to arrive in 2019, and now the iPad mini 6 wants to replace it in the market.

Rumor has it that the iPad mini 6 will undergo significant changes, and the Cupertinoites want to use the design style of the iPad Air 4. So users are faced with a tablet without a home button that has almost a small margin around its screen. But where does the Touch ID sensor go by removing the Home button? Like the iPad Air 4, we have to wait for such a sensor in the power button on the device frame.

Other possible features of the iPad Air 6 include a USB-C port instead of lightning, a smart connector for connecting a keyboard, and support for the Apple Pencil pen. Although some rumors refer to the Mini-LED display, this is unlikely. However, the Cupertinos may use the A15 Bionic chip as well as the 5G modem in the new generation iPad mini.

IPad 2021

1631418338 631 What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event? 10

Another possible product of this week’s event will be the ninth generation iPad or iPad 2021, which is considered to be the most expensive Cuptino tablet. Given the high sales of these iPads in the market, the introduction and launch of its new generation is quite a logical step. The tablet will likely come with a base price of $ 299.

In terms of design, we will not face major changes compared to the current generation, although it is said that the screen size will increase from 10.2 to 10.5 inches. This will either increase the overall dimensions of the device or the Cupertinos will reduce the margin around the screen. Of course, unlike the iPad mini 6, the iPad 9 still gives users access to the Home button with a touch ID inside.

Other possible features of the ninth generation iPad include the A13 Bionic chip used in the iPhone 13 series phones, 4 GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of internal memory, which is twice as much as the current generation. Finally, the weight and thickness of this tablet may be slightly reduced compared to the eighth generation iPad.

Possible absences from the Apple event

1631418339 483 What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event? 12

In addition to the above products, Apple will launch the latest members of the Mac family this year. However, we should not wait for them to be unveiled at Tuesday’s event, and the Cupertinos will likely unveil them at a different event.

With that in mind, we probably won’t see the next-generation Apple Silicon, the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, or the new Mac mini in the upcoming event. Of course, our predictions may not come true and the Cupertinos may take a different approach. For this reason, we will take a look at their possible technical specifications.

The new generation of Apple MacBook Pro comes in 14-inch and 16-inch versions, and as most rumors say, we have to wait for the Mini-LED display in them. Apple is reducing the screen margins of these products compared to current models and using a new chip in them. The Cupertinoites will probably name the chip M1X and use a chip called M2 next year. The new MacBook Air will likely host the M2 chip.

Other possible features of the new generation MacBook Pro include a 1080p webcam, additional ports such as HDMI port, Magsif charging port and high-speed card reader port.

According to reports, the performance of the 14-inch model will not be different from the 16-inch version, but such an approach will lead to a significant increase in the price of the 14-inch model. So users have to pay more to Apple than the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chip, which may not be pleasant for some buyers. However, they will still experience higher power for less than the 16-inch version.

Another new member of the Mac family that may not have a place in the event ahead of Apple is the new Mac Mini. This product, like the new MacBook Pro models, will have the M1X chip and will be more powerful than the current version with the M1 chip. Of course, changes are not limited to this new chip.

1631418339 580 What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event What products will Apple unveil at the September 14 event? 14

The Mac mini M1X will likely have a Plexiglas cover and also use a magnetic charging port. In addition, users will have access to more ports, and the size of this product is likely to be reduced compared to the current generation. Given these changes, Cupertinos are likely to charge higher prices. The new Mac mini and the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro will probably be introduced in November.

If we want to look a little outside the box, maybe Apple will release information about the virtual reality augmented headset at Tuesday’s event, and maybe even show a design for it. In addition, the Cupertinos may unveil new smart home products, such as a sandbar. Of course, the likelihood of this happening by Apple is very low, and we may encounter only a few new services outside of hardware products.

As mentioned above, Digito covers the California Streaming event live, so stay tuned for all the news on the event from 21:30 on Tuesday.

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