What products will Microsoft unveil at the Surface September 31 event?

مایکروسافت در رویداد سرفیس ۳۱ شهریور از چه محصولاتی رونمایی می‌کند؟

Microsoft announced a few weeks before its next Surface event on September 31st. Although the Redmondians have not released more information about the event, we expect the company to be present and unveil many products.

Now that Apple’s “California Streaming” event has taken place and the Cupertino-based company has introduced a wide range of products, from the iPhone 13 series to the new generation of iPad mini without a home button, tech enthusiasts are waiting for another tech giant, Microsoft.

Redmondians unveil the latest generation of their favorite products at Surface events, such as the Surface Book and Pro, although we may also encounter completely new devices at these events. However, at 2021, there will probably be no news of different products, and Microsoft will only be updating its current devices.

In this article, we will take a look at the possible products present at the next Microsoft event, stay tuned to Digiato until the end.

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Surface Pro 8

Although the Surface Pro is less powerful than the Surface Book, it is still a major product in the Surface series, and Microsoft has invested heavily in it. The Surface Pro arrived in 2012 with Windows 8, and over the years we have come across new generations. Now we have to wait for the unveiling of the Pro 8 service with the possibility of running Windows 11 at the Surface 2021 event.

As expected, the Surface Pro 8 will ship with updated hardware compared to its predecessor, although the tablet will be equipped with 11th generation Intel processors similar to the Surface Pro 7 Plus. The last time Microsoft used the same processors in Surface Pro products dates back to years ago and the Surface Pro 2 and 3. Of course, the third generation arrived with a new design.

Surface Pro 7 Plus

We expect the design of the front panel of the new Redmond tablet to change. The design of this section will probably be more similar to the Surface Pro X, meaning that we will have fewer margins and a larger screen. From the Surface Pro 4 to the Surface Pro 7 Plus, they all come with a 12.3-inch display, but in the new generation, the Redmondians will probably go for a 13-inch panel with a 3: 2 aspect ratio, reducing the margins around it.

The Surface Pro 8, like the Surface Pro 7 Plus, will have removable memory so that if you have important data, you can disconnect it from the device. Microsoft is also considering the ability to wake up by touch and wake up as it approaches. So we have to wait for more sensors at the top edge of the screen. Finally, we may encounter the Thunderbolt port.

Surface Book 4

Another possible product of Microsoft’s September 31 event will be the powerful Surface Book 4 laptop. This device is expected to come with a new design and much better technical specifications than the previous generation to become a worthy product for hosting Windows 11.

According to reports, other users can no longer remove the screen from the device, which is why it may be referred to as “Surface Book Studio” or “Surface Laptop Studio”. The design style of the Redmondians is not new, and products such as the HP Elite Folio, for example, use a similar design. Although the display can not be detached from the keyboard, it will still be possible to use it as a tablet.

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Surface Book Concept 4

This design style can be beneficial to users because the current design style has its own problems. For example, the heavy weight of the upper part prevents it from being easily used on the foot. The reason for this is the use of components such as the processor, one of the batteries, RAM and storage space in the display so that it can be used separately. In the new design, these parts are placed at the base.

Another advantage of placing parts in the base is the possibility of using more powerful processors such as 45 watt H series processors. These processors are mostly used in powerful laptops, and if a new Surface Book is equipped with them, more professionals will be encouraged to buy it.

Other possible features of the new Surface Book include a larger 14-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, although we will probably encounter a variable or dynamic refresh rate. It is also possible that Redmondians will use two USB Type-C ports in this product.

New Surface Pro X.

Another possible product of this event will be the new Surface Pro X, although we expect its difference from its current generation to be limited to hardware updates. One of the rumors about this device is the use of the third generation of Snapdragon 8cx processor, which of course has not been introduced yet. The Microsoft SQ1 and SQ2 chips are actually the overclocked version of Snapdragon 8cx.


It is possible that the SQ3 will arrive sooner than the third generation Snapdragon 8cx or that the new generation Surface Pro X will still be equipped with the SQ2 chip. This device will probably only be available in the WiFi model and will not be different from the current version in terms of design. In general, we will probably not encounter an exciting product.

Surface Go 3

The next product will be the Surface Go 3, which we do not expect to differ much in design from its predecessor. The Surface Go was one of the few Surface products to undergo design changes in the second generation, offering a 10.5-inch display instead of a 10-inch panel. So we are probably dealing with the same chassis, although it may come with a replaceable memory.

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Surface Go 2

Instead of a new design, the Surface Go 3 will likely come with improved hardware. Users can probably order the Surface Pro 3 with a Pentium Gold 6500Y and Core m3-10100Y processors. Both processors are manufactured with 14nm lithography and are part of the updated Amber Lake family, so we will see a significant improvement in performance.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Redmondians may use this product to display Windows 11 on small tablets so that more companies can follow suit.

Surface Duo 2

Another product expected for Wednesday’s event this week is the new generation Redmond smartphone, the Surface Duo. The current generation of this product, despite its unique design, has not been able to perform well in the market, which of course was not without reason. Microsoft has used a low-quality camera in this phone and equipped it with an old chip, but now it wants to make up for these shortcomings in its new generation.

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Rendering Surface Duo 2

The overall design of the Surface Duo 2 will be similar to its current generation, and we will also have two built-in displays. Microsoft will use a triple main camera for this device, which has a large protrusion according to the leaked images and renderings. So it can be annoying for some users, although it will be worth it if it provides them with high quality. Of course, it should be noted that due to physical limitations, the existence of such a bulge would be reasonable and could not be underestimated by Microsoft.

Unlike the previous generation, the Redmondians are using a new chip this time around, and the Surface Duo 2 is reportedly equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chip, which although not Qualcomm’s latest chip, most 2021 flagships are equipped with and outperform the Snapdragon Duo 8. . The second generation of this device will also support 5G network.

Microsoft Event Absent

Certainly we will not encounter several Surface series devices in this ceremony. For example, we should not wait for the unveiling of the Surface Laptop 5 because its fourth generation has just been introduced and for its next generation, the Redmondians will need a new generation of Intel processors. So we have to wait for the introduction of Surface 5 laptop with 12th generation Intel processors called Alder Lake early next year.

In addition to the Surface laptop, Microsoft will not unveil the new Surface Studio, even if its latest model uses Intel 7th generation processors. Another big absentee will be Surface Neo, who will probably not be heard from again.

Apparently, Microsoft is no longer interested in Windows supporting dual displays or clamshell devices. For this reason, the Surface Neo will probably never enter the market, and of course there will be no news of a new generation.

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Surface Neo

The Surface Neo was introduced two years ago with the Surface Duo and Windows 10X. Windows 10 X was Redmond’s new operating system for dual-screen PCs, but the company later announced plans to bring it to regular devices. Eventually, however, Microsoft canceled the Windows 10X project and brought some of its features to Windows 11.

In addition to the death of Windows 10 X, the cessation of production of Lakefield processors will be another reason for the non-release of Surface Neo. Of course, the Redmondians may use a new and different design for it, and also go for an Intel Alder Lake family of processors.

Microsoft will hold its event on Wednesday, September 21, at 19:30 Tehran time, and as always, we will cover the event live on Digito. So to know about Redmond’s new products, just follow Digito on the day of the ceremony.

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