What should we consider when buying a modem?

What should we consider when buying a modem?

It’s a strange time! For a long time now, there has been no news of children being happy and mischievous at school; Or companies and organizations have not seen all their employees together for a long time! Everything is online and offline, and it looks like this will probably continue in the future, even if there is no coronavirus! Now that there is no escape and we have to get used to these conditions; Isn’t it better to take the Internet, which is the main tool for online, seriously and choose the Internet service and modem that has the highest efficiency for us ?! If your answer to this question is yes, stay tuned for more important points Buy a modem Let’s review together!

Good modem without proper internet ?!

The first step before buying a modem is to choose your service as well as your Internet Service Provider (ISP); That means specify that you want to use mobile internet (4G / LTE) or ADSL and VDSL service. After reviewing the necessary points and choosing the best and most economical option; Now it is time to buy a suitable modem compatible with that service. So first determine what kind of Internet you want, then find the best company that offers that service and finally buy a modem.

Which internet is right for me ?!

Addressing this question requires a detailed article itself! But if we want to summarize and headline the necessary points for you, we must say that:

  • If you are looking for high speed, your priority will be:
  • first priority: Mobile Internet (in case of antenna)
  • second priority: VDSL Internet (if the telecommunication area supports this service)
  • Third priority: ADSL internet service
  • If you are looking for a reasonable price:
  • Cheapest service: ADSL Internet
  • Average price: VDSL Internet
  • The most expensive service: Mobile Internet

Of course, these are just some of the points that you should consider when buying an Internet service, and other issues such as support for your desired service area, whether or not the capacity of the telecommunication area is full, proper antenna for mobile Internet, etc. are all issues. Which should be considered when choosing an Internet service.

Now that we are familiar with the features of a good internet service, we also need to know the features of a suitable modem in order to connect the phone. Laptop And … there is no problem for us on the Internet.

What are the features of a good modem?

Before buying a modem, you have probably thought about what you expect from your modem device! For example, high speed, connecting a large number of people without problems, proper antenna and coverage, beauty, having several LAN ports for wired connection, etc .; Below we will talk in full about all your concerns when buying a modem:

  • What is the speed of the modem ?!

As mentioned above, you must first select your Internet service provider; These two issues will play a big role in your internet speed, because most modems on the market support faster than the maximum supported speed in the country, so when you buy a modem you can be sure that you have the best download and upload speed. Will take; Of course, if all the wiring and technical issues are done correctly.

  • Modems usually cover houses a few meters away ?!

The range of modems usually depends on many factors such as antenna power, number of antennas, the status of ambient signals, and so on. For example, 5dBi antennas have more power than 2dBi antennas; Or, for example, 3-antenna modems have a higher penetration rate against obstacles, and for example, if the walls of your home or workplace are large in diameter, Wi-Fi waves can more easily overcome these obstacles and reach users. So we suggest that if you are looking for a good antenna, choose a modem with at least two antennas and 5dBi power.

  • How many people can connect to a modem wirelessly?

One of the most important issues when buying a modem is how many people can connect to a modem and use the Internet at the same time ?! Because most homes today have multiple phones, Tablet And there are laptops, each of which must be connected to high-speed Internet, so it is best to choose a modem that has powerful chipsets that can support a large number of devices. You can read this in the technical specifications of the modem or ask the seller of the device to provide you with this information.

  • How is the cable connection to the modem ?!

Many of our computers and peripherals, such as computers, printers, etc., do not have the ability to connect wirelessly to the modem; So we have to use cable and LAN port to connect them. Therefore, before buying a modem, be sure to read its technical specifications carefully to choose a modem that has the number of network ports (LAN) you want.

Features of a good modem

Buy a modem from Easy Market

If after reading this article, you are going to buy a modem or you want to replace your old and worn out modem with a new modem, you can visit the Easy Market online store, in addition to carefully studying the technical specifications and features of D-Link modems. , TP Link, etc .; Do your shopping with ease and also at a reasonable price.

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