WhatsApp now supports voice calls on KaiOS feature phones

واتس‌اپ حالا روی فیچرفون‌های KaiOS از تماس‌های صوتی پشتیبانی می‌کند

KaiOS handsets can finally take advantage of WhatsApp voice calling. Of course, this feature only works on phones that have at least 512 MB of RAM.

WhatsApp is available as the world’s most popular messenger on various platforms and operating systems, including KaiOS. KaiOS is the operating system of some feature phones, which is usually very popular among ordinary and non-professional users. Now the WhatsApp and KaiOS teams announced Users can access the voice calling feature of this platform.

The KaiOS voice call feature is available in WhatsApp version 2.2110.41 and is now publicly available to users. “We want to support communities around the world that use lighter operating systems,” said Matt Idma, WhatsApp’s chief operating officer, in a joint statement.

Of course, the important thing is that to use WhatsApp voice calling in KaiOS, in addition to installing the new version of these messengers, you must have at least 512 MB of RAM. So devices like the Indian brand JioPhone can easily take advantage of this feature. However, some weaker configured KaiOS phones will not be able to access this feature.

Accordingly, feature phones, which are still relatively popular in developing countries, can have online voice calling capabilities via WhatsApp messengers.

WhatsApp has been very active for some time and is working on a variety of features, including the simultaneous use of one account on multiple devices. This has been confirmed by WhatsApp CEO and we expect to have access to it in the near future.

The company recently stepped back from enforcing the new privacy laws, informing users that messengers’ actions will not be restricted even if they do not comply.

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