WhatsApp works on the ability to use the same account on multiple phones and tablets

واتس‌اپ روی قابلیت استفاده از یک حساب کاربری روی چندین گوشی و تبلت کار می‌‌کند

Whatsapp Since last fall, it has made it possible to connect multiple phones to one account with Multi-Device 2.0 capability. It seems now Meta Intends to provide a new and similar feature for its messenger users to simultaneously use on several mobile phones or other phones and tablets. An account To use.

According to a report and a new image that WABetaInfo From the new beta application After providing this feature, users will encounter a page that, like Web version, Must scan its code in the reference and main device. Of course, no code can be seen in the image provided, but its instructions refer to scanning the code.

An image released last year of this feature (pictured below) showed that devices could still receive “recent messages” that were fully encrypted. Despite the new image that has just been released, there is compelling evidence that WhatsApp is working on this feature.


Release time of the new WhatsApp feature

Although there are no official announcements about this feature yet and it is not even clear when it will be available, but both images are only in the version. Android The app will point. So it’s not even clear yet if this feature will be available to users if released iOS Will also be placed or not. However, it can even be said that the development of this feature is in its early stages.

Finally, it should be noted that it is still using the feature Linked Devices Technically, you can use your WhatsApp account on multiple devices. This feature is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. This feature was first made available to users in November 2021 and has since been improved in a number of ways. However, this feature is for users desktop It is useful and users who want to transfer their account to another phone or tablet should wait for the new feature.

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