Which carmaker wants to supply Renault products in the country?

کدام خودروساز خواهان عرضه محصولات رنو در کشور است؟

According to some informed sources, A domestic automaker most recently Request to supply Renault products Registered in the future and as soon as Resumption of car imports Be able to obtain a limited import and assembly license for some cars of this brand.

Currently, Renault Pars Company is responsible for deciding to supply Renault passenger cars in Iran Is. However, the company does not appear to have submitted a request for Renault products.

In fact, according to informed sources, A private company Has taken such an action and intends to sell some cars of this brand Import mold (CBU) and limited assembly (KD) Offer.

In the current situation, Iran-Khodro and Pars-Khodro also go to Renault Pars confirmation They can assemble the products of this French brand. In addition, Negin Khodro It also has the necessary license to import Renault passenger cars.

It should be noted that imported cars must pass the filter of restrictions and conditions specified in the executive regulations of car imports, although this regulation has not yet been finalized. However, it has been said many times that the government’s goal is to supply economic vehicles to all sections of society, and ultimately The price of imported cars is between 20 or 25 thousand dollars will be.

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