Whispers of heavy taxes from car market speculators

زمزمه اخذ مالیات سنگین از دلالان بازار خودرو

These days, brokerage has taken root everywhere in the world of housing and cars, and it is difficult to get hold of people who are all concerned about buying and selling cars. Benefited Is cut off from this market. When it comes to buying and selling new, zero-kilometer cars, it is the carmakers who set the market price; But these days that Registration restriction for buying a car Intended, even Zero car price Also specifies the broker and this in a way to Increase brokerage And welcome sales Zero car remittances Has fueled, now but it seems that the IRS is set to Heavy taxes For profit from Car sales Consider.
This is while the system Integrated car sales An operation was launched by the Ministry of Silence, which, of course, met with resistance from private automakers; A system that, according to the Ministry of Silence, makes carmakers’ sales plans more transparent than the lottery method.
From the beginning of car sales by lottery method, many criticisms from people and car experts have entered this process.
The centralized sales system has one major drawback, and that Activation of the lottery procedure Is. It seems that despite the various objections to the implementation, not only has no action been taken to eliminate the lottery, but we are also witnessing its implementation in the integrated sales system.
Contrary to Minister Samat’s promises, the car lottery has not only not been eliminated, but has spread to other products. now Chinese assembled cars Which are sold at prices higher than domestic products are also subject to car lottery.
To put it simply, all domestically assembled cars are now sold by lottery. In fact, the demand for initial registration of all cars is so high that all of them must be offered to customers by lottery. Car lottery over the last few years Speculative motives It has increased the number of buyers and they are eager to buy all kinds of cars.
For example, now the application for registration of cars such as Lamari Emma, ​​Dignity, Fidelity And products Modiran Khodro Has increased sharply. This is while the production of these cars has not increased and their price is much higher compared to domestic cars. However, the very high demand for these cars makes them available to consumers by lottery.
It is normal that many people with The purpose of making a profit They are moving towards buying a car. The winners of the lottery of cars such as Fidelity, Dignity and Lamari Ema also received the remittances. A price much higher than the remittance rate They sell in the open market. Eventually, this will lead to more turmoil in the car market and will greatly increase the price of Chinese cars in the market, which has been quiet and low-traffic so far.
It is called this system For the benefit of customers In order to increase their satisfaction, the issue of supplying the car several times more than in the past has been considered and the process will be followed transparently under the supervision of the Consumers and Manufacturers Protection Organization.

about Car sales taxNot many details have been released yet, but apparently 70 percent The profit from the sale and purchase of zero-kilometer cars can be considered as the share of tax laws, in which case, a severe blow will be dealt to the always rich car dealers in the country, and this Crowded and lucky classWill lose a large part of their huge income.

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