Why can’t Intel, AMD and Nvidia beat Apple Silicon?

چرا اینتل، AMD و انویدیا قادر به شکست اپل سیلیکون نخواهند بود؟

Apple SiliconThe exclusive Cupertino chip for Macs, as well as some iPads, has made a lot of noise since it hit the market. Before these chips, Apple did not exist in such a world, and the market was owned by Intel and AMD. But now things are different and this technology giant has been able to challenge its competitors with the M1 series chips and companies are looking to defeat it, but why will not they succeed in this direction?

Apple entered the PC processor market with the M1 chip and is no longer the designer of A-series chips for iPhones. But the Cupertinoites went even further M1 Pro and Max chips Unveiled that they have much higher power than the original version and are a major threat to chip makers. However, Intel and AMD are not idle and do not want Apple to overtake the market that has been in their hands for years.

At CES 2022 a few days ago, Intel, AMD and Nvidia unveiled their latest achievements to have a say against Apple Silicon. Intel unveils 12th generation laptop processors called Alder Lake and AMD unveils series chips Advisor 6000 Showed that the market for laptop processors is slightly changing. But could these efforts be enough to defeat Apple Silicon?

Intel and entering the world of hybrid processors

Among Intel, AMD and Nvidia, none have been hit as hard as Apple’s first company since its migration. Intel, a longtime Apple partner that used Cupertino-based processors in its Macs, is now turning to Apple Silicon only.

But despite this approach, Intel did not lose itself and decided to use a design system similar to Apple Silicon Hybrid architecture Go. In the same direction in Alder Lake processors Used hybrid architecture and introduced them to laptops at CES 2022. In unveiling this series of processors, the company called its highest model the fastest mobile or laptop processor to date.

Intel even unveiled the results in the unveiling of the Alder Lake family of processors, in which the Core i9-12900HK processor was able to outperform Apple’s Max M1 series chip. Raizen 5000 And also surpass its previous generation Core i9-11980HK.

Every company that unveils a new processor, whether it is a laptop or desktop processor or a smartphone chip, goes to the release of its benchmarks to show off its power to its competitors and, of course, to tell users that it is as powerful as a chip. But of course, companies only focus on the positives, and of course Intel’s latest processors will probably never enter the Mac world until we know how it works in the Mac OS world.

In addition, in the world of processors, power is not the only important factor, and we must also pay attention to energy consumption. Although the Core i9-12900HK processor It has very high performance in terms of power and is higher than any other laptop processor, but its power consumption is also higher. In the diagram published by Intel, its flagship processor starts at 25 watts and reaches close to 75 watts. So if the chip gets to the MacBook Pro, the Cupertinos will have to make a lot of design changes that they certainly won’t, and will continue to use Apple Silicon without any worries.

Apple Silicon graphics and competition with Nvidia and AMD

Everything in the world of laptop processors is not limited to processing power, and graphics have something to say; Exactly where Apple shines with its proprietary chips for Macs. One of the winners of the M1 Pro and Max is its graphics power. Apple used to work with AMD (which acquired ATI graphics company Nvidia in 2006) and Nvidia, but now with Apple Silicon it is showing off its graphics power. However, Nvidia and AMD were not idle at CES 2022 and unveiled their latest achievements.

Nvidia, the major graphics giant, unveiled its latest RTX 30 series GPUs for laptops at CES 2022. Nvidia said at its conference that these GPUs Up to 7x faster From M1 Max on MacBook Pro They are 16 inches. Apple may be a loser at first glance, but let’s take a closer look.

In the benchmarks it showed, Nvidia went for gadgets whose only beta version is natively supported by Apple Silicon, or which the Cupertino chip does not support at all. Some other benchmarks, such as Blender Cycles, which show the most performance differences, do not currently support Apple’s metal graphic framework, which would deal a heavy blow to the Cupertino-specific chip.

In contrast to Nvidia, AMD took a different approach, claiming that some laptops with Raizen 6000 processors could 24 hours Charge, of course, more for video playback and nothing else. If you are familiar with this claim, we must say that Apple has made a similar claim.

AMD graphics chip

Of course, Apple is not only competing with Nvidia and AMD, and this year another player will be added to the market: Intel. This is the maker of desktop and laptop processors this year with series graphics Arc Wants to launch dedicated GPUs. With Intel entering the market and Apple’s increasing silicon graphics power, Intel and AMD will be able to withstand more pressure over time, although they may be able to solidify their position in the market with new technologies. If you want to know about the world of graphics cards in 2022, we suggest you read this article by Digiato.

Apple Silicon, the result of years of effort

Now that Intel, AMD and Nvidia have unveiled their latest achievements at CES 2022, what is Apple planning? Will the Cupertinos be unemployed and allow their competitors to compete in the market?

Given that Apple is the most valuable company in the world, and if it is not the main player in the world of technology, it is one of the most important, it certainly does not allow Intel, Nvidia, AMD and any other company to keep it in the lower category. However, you should know that Apple did not unveil Mac-specific silicones all at once.

The company has been designing and improving graphics and processing chips for laptops for several years, and after reaching the final conclusion and ensuring their performance, we saw their introduction for laptops, iMacs and of course Mac mini.

Apple is moving to new technologies and products almost faster than other companies in the tech world, but in most cases it performs better than others. For example, in recent years, the company has acquired several companies operating in the world of silicon to have a full presence in the market.

The company in 2008, the company Pa Semi Bought to be the basis of its chip manufacturing sector. In 2018, Apple Corporation Dialog Semiconductor Took over. Over time, the Cupertinos have optimized energy consumption to achieve the highest power and performance with the least consumption.

Apple Silicon

At the age of 45, Apple has shown that it invests intelligently in key technologies, and after many years, it shows its results to the world. So what the end user sees as a magic trick is actually the result of years of effort as well as tremendous expense.

Although sales of Macs using Apple Silicon and Mac OS optimizations have increased significantly over the years, they still can not be a major threat to Windows. For example, one of the areas where Macs are weaker than Windows PCs is the games area. Mac has almost nothing to say about Windows. However, there are still users who want to experience the Mac anyway.

Finally, the integration between Mac hardware and software, the optimizations Apple has made to the Mac OS over the years, as well as the high hardware power of Apple Silicon and its low power consumption, indicate that Apple is a combination. Has achieved magic; A combination that rivals from Intel to AMD and Nvidia could not easily experience and beat Apple Silicon. Of course, Apple, Intel and AMD have taken different approaches to the laptop market.

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