Why is tobacco highly addictive?

چرا تنباکو به شدت اعتیادآور است؟

Plant tobacco Or tobacco It is amazingly addictive. Studies have shown that this tobacco substance can be up to heroin And Cocaine It may be addictive, but what is the root of this level of people’s dependence on cigarettes and why do people still have trouble quitting despite being aware of the dangers of smoking?

With reference to the organization FDAIn a very superficial way, the answer to these questions is that tobacco changes the way our brain works in such a way that we want to smoke more.

According to “Bernard Lafoul” from the department of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, addiction is first described as a loss of control in the context of consuming a substance and continuing to use it despite its consequences.

In this case, when dependence on a substance is formed, people will experience a certain craving and hangover for the said substance during periods of time. Now tobacco is also in order to have nicotine It can cause a high level of addiction and the aforementioned conditions.

What is nicotine and why is it addictive?

Before examining the relationship between nicotine and tobacco, let’s look at the definition of the substance psychedelic to have These substances, by affecting the brain function, cause changes in the field Moods, Consciousness, thoughts, feelings or Behavior and in combinations like LSD, alcohol or even in caffeine Coffee that we may drink every day can also be found.

Nicotine is also a psychoactive substance with similar effects, and its use in the form of tobacco is very addictive because this substance and its effects lung They are absorbed by the body system much faster.

According to David Ledgerwood, a clinical psychiatrist at Wayne State University in Michigan, smokers feel an immediate high with the first inhale and exhale, but the point is that the euphoria wears off as quickly as it came. As a result, smokers tend to continue to use tobacco regularly to repeat the same short experience.

Causes of severe tobacco addiction
Tobacco plant

By consuming tobacco, the level of nicotine in the blood increases exponentially and this substance enters the brain. Nicotine after reachingm(Cerebrum), to a series of receptors with the task of releasing the euphoric substance Dopamine Connects and activates them.

Further, with the release of dopamine, the person also experiences the same feeling of special pleasure, but when the effect of this chemical compound disappears, the person will crave smoking again.

In more advanced stages, heavy smoking causes the number of these nicotine receptors in the brain to increase to several billions, after a few months or years (depending on the individual’s body), this state will progress to the point where the person feels that they have Nicotine must be used for proper functioning.

Despite this state, the lack of nicotine use by smokers can bring physical symptoms such as lack of concentration, insomnia, depression And lack of appetite include, the reason for the emergence of these symptoms is because the brain is actually trying to adapt itself to the absence of nicotine.

Causes of severe tobacco addiction

These mentioned cases are the factors that together increase the addictiveness of nicotine and make quitting it a difficult activity. However, in addition to the mentioned cases, there is another factor that aggravates nicotine addiction, and that is nothing but the legality of this psychoactive substance.

The legal availability of cigarettes (and its derivatives such as hookah tobacco) in every shop and store makes it more difficult to quit, on the other hand, the use of this substance is also possible, unlike other drug compounds, in almost any place, and considering these things, it is not surprising. That it is so hard to leave this substance.

It should also be noted that the younger the smoking starts, the more difficult it will be to quit because the effects of nicotine have been imposed on the brain when the brain is still in the formative years.

Does being prone to addiction play a role in tobacco dependence?

You must have heard by now that some people are more prone to addiction, or they will suffer more if they quit smoking and tobacco, or even some people find it easier for them to quit a substance like nicotine than others.

However, according to Ledgerwood, most of these notions are wrong, firstly, that the immunity of people against addiction remains more of a joke than a scientific assumption, secondly, the reaction of each person’s body to the use or non-use of different drugs is different.

Causes of severe tobacco addiction

However, there are still many factors that play a role in creating dependence, from smoking on TV to the possibility of having smoking parents, all of which fall under the umbrella of a person’s psychological desire to smoke.

Also, other studies have shown that genetic factors also play a role in this, which means that addiction can also be hereditary because the changes made in brain receptors may be passed on to the next generation at certain levels.

In the end, it should be said that tobacco annually in death 8 million People of the world play a role. 1.2 million People from the mentioned statistics only because of the problems caused by secondhand cigarette smoke They lose their lives, yet cigarettes are still widely available.

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