Why Parspack cloud service is a smart choice?

Why Parspack cloud service is a smart choice?

Cloud storage is a name you have heard by now if you are familiar with the world of technology. With the advancement of technology, traditional storage methods are no longer useful. Traditional methods for storing information require physical tools such as external hard drives, flash memory, and memory cards, and of course, they may have their own problems. The cloud space is a new way to store information through which people can access their information anywhere in the world without the need for physical devices.

Pars Pack Company, the first cloud service provider in Iran, is the right choice for storing all your information. This company started its activity in 2009 and by understanding the needs of users, it has been able to become one of the largest hosting companies in Iran. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the cloud storage space and services of Pars Pack.

What is cloud storage?

By using the cloud service, information is stored in virtual space and non-physically. This information may be in the form of audio, image, video, text, etc. files. Actually, Cloud storage It helps users to access their information anywhere in the world and with any device, and for this, they will only need the Internet. This space, which is also known as Cloud Storage, is a reliable, high-speed, and high-quality service for storing information, and the best example is provided by Pars Pack.

Pars Pak cloud service

Types of cloud storage services

Cloud storage is offered in different types and users can choose one according to their needs. Next, we introduce the types of cloud storage services:


In this type of service, the storage space is available to several users at the same time and they can use their storage space at the same time. This type of access is usually suitable for commercial companies or work environments. Users who purchase public cloud storage space pay for their purchase according to the frequency and volume of available data.


This type of service is only available to one user and the firewall protects it. Users who need more control and customization of their data and are concerned about the security of their data usually use this cloud storage service.


As it can be seen from the name of this service, it is a combination of public and private service and has a flexible mode. Large companies usually use cloud storage hybrid service to organize their information. For example, companies or organizations using this environment can store their structured information in the private cloud and their other information in the public cloud.

Today, the use of hybrid cloud service to store information between users has increased greatly. This type of cloud storage service makes it easy to access information due to its flexibility with the current and future needs of users; Therefore, it is mostly used at the organizational level.

Pars Pak cloud service

Advantages of Pars Pak cloud service

The cloud space (cloud storage) and its use have different advantages for different people and companies. Consistency of use cloud space It is among these advantages that are usually important for business users. For businesses that operate remotely and need access to shared information from anywhere in the world, using a cloud storage system is a smart choice. Also, excessive use of a user’s cloud space will not erode or damage it. Another point is that the services that cloud storage provides to users save their time and money.

Other features of Pars Pack cloud storage include the following:

High speed: so that you can upload and download your files in the shortest possible time.

Exemplary uptime and stability: This service is available at any hour of the day due to the use of powerful hardware and being located in reliable data centers.

The ability to upgrade or reduce the volume of cloud space: so that whenever you need a large volume to store your data, you can register your request and get more space in a short time.

24-hour support: Another feature of Pars Pack’s cloud space is that you can contact Pars Pack’s support at any hour of the day and night and receive the necessary guidance from its experts.

Reasonable price of Pars Pak cloud storage: Another important factor in buying cloud space is its price. Parspack company offers cloud storage at the best price to users.

Backup space in Object Storage: You can backup from the cloud storage space on a daily basis.

Providing security in Pars Pak cloud space

Buying cloud space from reputable companies like Pars Pack brings many benefits to Armaghan users. The first and most important advantage of using this service is its security. Storing information in Cloud Storage allows your valuable information to be stored and maintained in a safe environment. Therefore, there is no need to pay huge costs to buy high-capacity hard drives or suitable space for large servers.

Using the Amazon s3 standard, the possibility of sending coded information, as well as monitoring the cloud space, has guaranteed its security. The information stored in the cloud space is kept in two different geographical locations; For this reason, the possibility of its deletion will be zero.

By purchasing cloud space from Pars Pack, after determining the amount of space you need, you can always access it and use its 24-hour support. Also, you will forever be free from problems such as lost or damaged hard drive and as a result, your data will be deleted. Therefore, “cloud security” is one of the important features that differentiate this space from traditional storage tools.

Pars Pak cloud service security

final word

In this article, we introduced the Pars Pack cloud storage space and its features, by providing this service with a reliable and stable cloud infrastructure and high speed, Pars Pack Company allows its users to increase or decrease their storage space instantly and familiarization You can write more articles space Cloudy What is? read the

It should be mentioned that Pars Pack server has also provided 24-hour free service for users to experience the cloud space. To buy Pars Pack cloud space, just visit its sales page and contact support if you have any questions.

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