Wise app updated; Navigation with the sound of dogs and cats

اپلیکیشن «ویز» بروز شد؛ ناوبری با صدای سگ و گربه

The popular Waze application, in an interesting move, in the latest update, various sounds, including the sounds of dogs and cats, to its navigation dialect system. added. Users can choose the sound of one of these two lovely animals according to their mood.

The dog’s voice is happy, positive, encouraging and excited Is, While the cat’s voice is skeptical, cautious, clever, anxious but funny. So the user can choose any of these sounds or other sounds that have been added to the navigation section according to their taste and possibly mood.

In addition, Wise has introduced new icons for its live map section. Depending on the theme of the dog or cat that each user chooses, the icon will also appear on the map of that car. Remember that this feature is available to users in English, French and Spanish on a trial basis for a limited time. Interested parties need to download the latest version of the program.

Wise application is a positioning software and a subsidiary of Google, which was launched in 2006. This application calculates the route, time and traffic to the user’s destination and explains it to the user step by step. Wise users can add and subtract crashes, traffic, police, speed bumps and roads to the map.

This application sends user information such as speed and location anonymously to its databases to improve the whole system with this information. Wiz initially operated independently until in 2013 Google bought it from its maker for $ 966 million.

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