With a 75-meter tower, China wants to use solar energy 24 hours a day

چین با یک برج 75 متری می‌خواهد 24 ساعته از انرژی خورشیدی استفاده کند

Space based on solar energy (Space power Or Space solar power) Is one of the new technologies that humans are working on to achieve renewable energy, and now China has been able to successfully test a 75-meter tower for 24-hour use of solar energy.

With the experiments and studies of Chinese scientists from Zhejiang University, the world is one step closer to using “space power” technology. Therefore Statement of this universityThe team of researchers mentioned «Omega ProjectSuccessfully tested the first solar power plant of its kind.

Performance of this steel structure 75 meters On paper, it can generate energy permanently by connecting to orbiting satellites, and the solar energy produced by these satellites can also be generated through high-frequency waves. microwave Will be transferred to this structure.

China Power Space Project

Obviously, space technology has a very high potential because it can continue to produce solar energy day and night, regardless of things like cloudy and cloudy weather or dark hours.

Of course, the technology is still not perfect, and issues such as the impact of the high-frequency energy wave on communications, air traffic, and the health of local residents still need to be evaluated.

Space technology technology test in China

It should also be noted that NASA Time of year 2012 Introduced a similar project SPS-ALPHA And according to the organization’s own reports, using this method of wireless production and transmission Tens until the Thousands of megawatts Electricity will be possible.

Chinese scientists in their omega project were also able to wirelessly microwave energy to distance 55 meters To move.

The interesting thing is that according to Chinese researchers, they are about three years ahead of the predicted goals, however “دوآن باو یان“Their research still needs more work, and his team is years away from the first space power plant,” said the project leader.

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