With delta outbreaks, do we need a third dose of Corona vaccine?

با شیوع گونه دلتا آیا به دوز سوم واکسن کرونا نیاز داریم؟

Delta corona has spread to many countries and the number of patients with this disease is increasing. Vaccination has begun in many countries, and with the exception of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires only one dose, other vaccines require two doses to provide immunity. Of course, there have been rumors recently about the third dose of Corona vaccine, but to what extent do we need a boost dose and what do experts think in this regard?

A few days ago, Pfizer-BioNTech announced that it was seeking a license for a third dose of the vaccine or booster dose. The reason for this was the growing public concern about the effectiveness of current vaccines on the new species of corona, the delta. Delta, first identified in India, is spreading rapidly and reducing the effectiveness of vaccines.

Pfizer says immunity from two doses of the vaccine can go away 6 to 12 months after the injection, and there is a possibility. For this reason, in the coming weeks, he wants to apply for a license for the third dose of his vaccine.

But Pfizer’s statement contradicts what experts say. According to experts, Pfizer’s talk is based on preliminary data, and all current evidence suggests that vaccines can provide adequate protection against Covid-19 by injecting the same two doses.

But Pfizer’s move did not go unanswered, with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criticizing the company in a statement. The statement said that health officials, not private pharmaceutical companies, should decide on boosting doses. Of course, according to these organizations, there is no need for a third dose at the moment:

“Americans who have been fully vaccinated do not currently need a booster dose or a third. “If scientific research shows that such an embroidery is needed, we will prepare for it.”

Despite this, concerns about the Delta Corona species have led to increased searches for the third dose of Corona vaccine on Google, as well as news releases. Some countries have even come up with the idea of ​​injecting such a dose, which is increasingly confusing people who do not yet have enough information about the need to inject a third dose.

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But should we wait for the third dose of Corona vaccine in the future? In this article, we have asked experts the question of whether we need such an embroidery or not. In addition, while poor countries struggle with countless problems in getting vaccines, why should rich countries go for a third dose that does not have to be injected? We will take a look at the answers below.

Why is Pfizer talking about the third dose of the vaccine?

Vaccine manufacturers have been researching booster doses for months so that they can be ready and able to meet market demand if needed in the future. However, Pfizer’s statement that he was trying to get confirmation was a bit shocking.

Pfizer says some research shows that despite being 93 percent effective against severe coronary symptoms, two doses of the vaccine now prevent only 64 percent of the disease. That figure was close to 95 percent a few months before the Delta outbreak.

Third dose of corona vaccine

Despite this, other studies in the UK, Scotland and Canada still report 80 to 88% effectiveness of two doses of Pfizer vaccine against Delta species. However, Pfizer continues to say that injecting a third dose 6 months after receiving the second dose can increase antibodies against the main species and beta, and is expected to have the same effect against the delta species:

“Based on the data we have to date, we still believe that a third dose injection may be needed 6 to 12 months after the second dose.”

What do health officials say about the third dose of the vaccine?

Many public health officials have criticized Pfizer’s statement as irresponsible and opportunistic. It was after these criticisms that a meeting took place between one of Pfizer’s top executives and US health officials, who eventually announced that after gathering more data and possibly several months of research, a decision could be made on whether a third dose was necessary:

“Pfizer does not decide whether we need a booster dose. “The data must be made transparent to the public.”

According to Dr. Carlos Del Rio, a professor of infectious diseases, people who have received two doses of the vaccine should not worry about injecting a third dose:

“People who have not been vaccinated should be concerned. The third dose should be used for people who have not been vaccinated. “The more people are vaccinated, the less likely it is that the disease will spread.”

Third dose of corona vaccine

An FDA consultant named Dr. Paul E. “Research on the safety and efficacy of booster doses is important, but current evidence shows that vaccines are effective against delta species and other strains,” says Afit. According to him, the general public in developed countries will not have access to the boost dose this year:

“All the current data point to the fact that immunity to severe coronary symptoms lasts a long time. “The point is not that we can get the third dose, the point is that we have to decide whether to give such a dose to people who have not been vaccinated.”

Should we worry about the Delta species?

The delta species is becoming dominant in many countries, and in countries such as Britain and the United States, for example. Although the vaccines are less effective on Delta species than other strains, they still provide good protection against the disease and prevent hospitalization.

According to Modrena, based on laboratory tests, the company’s vaccine is still highly effective against the delta species, with only a slight reduction in neutralizing antibodies. Johnson and Johnson also published the results of two studies saying that the vaccine produced against the delta species is highly effective.

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According to Dr. Afit, 99% of people who are hospitalized and die have not received two doses of the vaccine:

“Companies should not seek to prevent coronary heart disease, but to prevent people from being hospitalized and dying. “This is a goal that countries are pursuing and achieving.”

Why not give people a third dose to make sure?

Vaccination rates are still low in many countries and, of course, vaccine resources are scarce. Therefore, giving an extra dose to rich countries is considered short-sighted.

For comparison, we can refer to the United States and India. In the United States, nearly 50 percent of the population has received two doses of the vaccine, compared with 5 percent in India. In African countries, the figure is less than 1 percent. The main concern is that unless a large part of the world’s population is vaccinated, there is a risk of new and more dangerous species spreading.

According to a Brown University professor named Dr. Ashish Kay. As long as the corona spreads in parts of the world, people’s lives in rich countries will be in danger:

“Americans’ lives are still in danger. “Even if people in rich countries are selfish, the first dose is more important to people in countries like India than the third dose in the United States.”

Corona Pfizer vaccine

Criticism of Pfizer’s statement was not limited to the United States, and the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Teaching Adhanum, also reacted to and criticized it:

“The current priority should be to vaccinate people who have not been vaccinated at all and are not protected against coronation.”

If so, which people need the third dose?

Some countries now inject boosters into people with weakened immune systems, such as those with cancer or those who have had organ transplants. From April this year, France injects the third dose to such people.

Moderna is preparing to test the third dose on 120 recipients. Pfizer also wants to test the boost dose on 180 adults and 180 children with immune system problems.

While it may be months before a third dose of the corona vaccine is licensed in different countries, some countries may start injecting it into certain patients in the coming weeks. Vulnerable people may need this dose to make their body resistant to Covid-19.

Third dose of corona vaccine

We have to wait and see what the health authorities in different countries and the World Health Organization decide and whether we will face a new species in the future that has a higher speed than the Delta.

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