With Microsoft Edge, you can open two websites in one window at the same time

With Microsoft Edge, you can open two websites in one window at the same time

Microsoft is testing a new functionality in the Edge browser. Currently, this update is available in the Canary channel and for Insider users, and it introduces a new feature called Microsoft Edge Split Screen, which is for Display two websites in one window designed.

Of course, you can still use multiple Edge windows to view multiple pages at the same time. However, Edge Split Screen makes it much easier to work with two screens without dragging tabs and rearranging windows. You can also resize split tabs and open links side by side.

Two websites in one window

This is not the first time that Microsoft has made it possible to open two websites in the same window. The company has just added a new sidebar to its browser. This bar allows users to move between websites faster by pinning them. Also, the idea itself is not new. For example, the Vivaldi browser offers the ability to display several websites in one window at the same time. In this way, users can even open up to 4 separate tabs in one window at the same time with this browser.

How to enable Microsoft Edge Split Screen:

  • Installing the canary version of Edge
  • To enable the flag of the ability to display multiple tabs in one window
  • Restart the browser
  • Using the ability to split the edge screen
  • The second method to use the feature of dividing the edge screen

You can exit Split Screen by clicking the X button (this will close the screen) or by pressing the “…” button and choosing to view split screens in two tabs.

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