With the new Instagram update, you will have more control over the content of your feed

With the new Instagram update, you will have more control over the content of your feed

Instagram on Thursday released a series of new settings focused on teens. These settings allow users to see what in The Instagram feed is controlled And completely block notifications for a certain period of time. The new features are designed to give users more control over how and when they interact with the social media app.

Instagram’s new changes include an option to hide posts containing certain keywords, such as “fitness” or “diet.” According to internal company documents shared by former Meta employee Francis Haugen, Instagram’s new feature appears to be aimed at allaying concerns among US politicians about the platform’s influence on teenagers.

Instagram Quiet mode

Another new feature of Instagram is the Quiet mode. This feature allows users to stop Instagram notifications during a certain time period of the day. During this time, users can set a fixed message to automatically reply to private messages (DMs). This program automatically suggests the activation of Quiet mode to teenagers who spend a lot of time at night on this social network.

In 2021, Instagram introduced features for parents to have more control over their child’s home page posts. Currently, the Instagram platform is taking steps to provide more control over users’ feeds. The network’s new changes give parents more insight into their children’s Instagram habits.

Instagram feed control

Users can now filter posts with specific keywords in their captions and hashtags. Instagram previously allowed users to filter their personal messages by specifying certain offensive words. But with the extensive filter option, it is possible for users to personalize their feeds.

Harmful effects of Instagram on teenage users

In 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported that internal research from Meta found that the company’s social networks had a negative impact on a small percentage of teenage users. Haugen later announced that he had shared the documents with Wall Street.

According to the Journal, 32 percent of teenage girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse. According to this report, among teenagers who thought about suicide, 13% of British users and 6% of American users attribute this problem to Instagram. Instagram says Quiet mode will initially be available to users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

At the time, Instagram reacted to the article, writing in a post:

Although this paper highlights a limited set of findings, it does not definitively establish whether social media is bad for users.

The company promised to work on ways to minimize the harmful effects of the social network, including harmful comparisons and negative body image.

Facebook renamed itself Meta in 2021 as part of a campaign to overhaul its image with a focus on virtual reality and the metaverse.

Lawmakers appear to be trying to increase their focus on how to protect children’s online well-being by imposing new requirements on platforms. Although not much has changed yet, California recently enacted its own age-appropriate design code. The code requires platforms to consider how their services may pose a risk to minors.

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