World Health Organization: Corona poses a serious threat to the mental health of young people

World Health Organization: Corona poses a serious threat to the mental health of young people

Over the past year, Corona has not only caused millions of people worldwide to become physically ill, but has also endangered the mental health of many due to quarantine conditions and economic hardship. Of all the strata of society, Corona has been able to have the most negative impact on the soul and psyche of young people, to the point that there are now many concerns about the psychological consequences of Corona on young people.

One year after the Corona epidemic, the World Health Organization says that coronary heart disease has caused serious mental health problems for young people.

Doctors and researchers believe that months of isolation and quarantine conditions, economic instability, pressures and stresses caused by unstable business conditions and concerns about the health of themselves and their loved ones over the past year have caused many psychological problems. For all walks of life, especially young people around the world.

According to the report «New York Times“All people face such problems and challenges, but the Corona pandemic has hit the youngest hardest from this angle.”

CDC research shows that more than 25 percent of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 have considered suicide during the corona epidemic. “The English psychotherapist Arcadius Kindale says:

“Everyone has coronary heart disease, which has a negative effect on their mental health. “The number of young people suffering from mental health problems has doubled in recent months.”

The psychological problems of some young people have been so severe that some doctors have advised them to get out of quarantine and socialize with others. Such advice may not be a good suggestion for their physical health when there is a corona threat, but therapists believe that their acute mental condition has forced them to make such an offer. Dr. Stefano Vicari, director of the Department of Pediatrics, says:

“Some believe that young people should be able to get through this challenging situation and become stronger. “However, this advice does not work for everyone, and some young people can not cope with the situation.”

It should be borne in mind that in a situation where the coronavirus has become a serious threat to public health, recommendations to quarantine can have worse consequences and not only endanger the physical health of young people with acute mental health problems, but also a threat to The health of the rest of society.

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