World Health Organization: In 2022 we will probably face a crisis of syringe shortages

سازمان بهداشت جهانی: در سال ۲۰۲۲ احتمالا با بحران کمبود سرنگ مواجه می‌شویم

The World Health Organization warns that if syringe production does not increase, the world will face a deficit of 2 billion by 2022, which could threaten vaccination in many countries. Syringe shortages have occurred as a result of nationwide corona vaccination, which has significantly increased the need for syringes compared to the past.

Lisa Hedman, WHO Senior Advisor on Access to Medicines and Health Products said “With the increase in the supply of Corona vaccine doses, the rate of syringe delivery must also increase:” Our concern is that we will face a crisis of syringe shortages, which will lead to significant problems such as slowing down vaccination rates. “

Ms. Hedman said that depending on the speed of vaccination, we may have as little as 1 to 2 billion syringes. According to AFP, more than 7.25 billion doses of vaccine have been injected in different countries so far. This is almost twice the usual annual vaccination rate and twice the number of syringes needed each year.

Hedman added that one of the serious consequences of syringe shortages could be delays in vaccination. If a generation of adolescents fails to get the vaccines they need on time, the public health of countries will be endangered in the coming years. In addition, the shortage of syringes can force some countries and deprived areas to use used syringes and lead to more dangerous problems.

Hedman argued that restrictions on exports and problems in the transportation sector would only worsen syringe supply. He called on countries to plan their need for syringes in advance so that less problems would arise and they would not face critical situations in the event of a shortage.

The World Health Organization adviser said efforts are being made to minimize the risk of syringe shortages so that we can produce more.

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