World Health Organization: The world is ready, the risk of coronary omicron is very high

۳۷ درصد بیماران مبتلا به کرونا حداقل یکی از عوارض بلندمدت آن را تجربه می‌کنند

The World Health Organization has warned that the new strain of the omicron coronavirus carries a very high risk and could spread rapidly to countries around the world. The organization called on its members to increase care and continue vaccination more seriously.

World Health Organization in a very high risk report of omicron corona worldwide Informed data He says the mutated virus could have serious consequences for some parts of the world. “Given the mutations that could increase the likelihood of escaping the immune system and being contagious, the chances of Amicron spreading further worldwide are high,” the statement said.

“Based on these characteristics, we may see an increase in the number of Covid-19 patients,” the international organization added. This new wave can have serious consequences depending on some factors, including the location. “The overall risk of the worrying Amicron species is very high globally.”

No deaths have been reported in connection with the new variant, but more research is needed to determine the extent to which the corona amicron virus can circumvent the immunity from vaccine injections or previous infections with Covid-19. “Omicrons have unprecedented mutations in the spike protein, some of which could have a potential effect on the direction of the epidemic,” says the World Health Organization.

“The emergence of a mutated strain of the corona amicron virus shows how dangerous and precarious our situation is,” said Tedros Adhanum, secretary general of the World Health Organization, at the beginning of a meeting to prevent further epidemics. “Amicron explains why the world needs a new pact on epidemics: our current mechanisms discourage countries from issuing warnings about threats that will sooner or later spread to other countries.”

The new treaty, due to be implemented by May 2024, covers issues such as data sharing, genetic sequencing of new viruses and potential vaccines that may be designed in the future.

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