Wuhan Laboratory’s only foreign scientist: I did not take the corona and I do not believe in leakage from here

تنها دانشمند خارجی آزمایشگاه ووهان: کرونا نگرفتم و اعتقادی هم به نشت از اینجا ندارم

An Australian scientist, who was the only foreign scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology until 2019, recently said in an interview that he did not get corona while working in the laboratory and, of course, did not believe that the virus leaked from the laboratory.

Bloomberg recently interviewed 42-year-old scientist Daniel Anderson Published. This person, who specializes in bat-related viruses, worked at Wuhan Lab until late 2019.

Anderson describes his workplace as similar to other laboratories around the world, saying it is not what people say it is.

It has long been theorized that the Covid-19 virus leaked from Wuhan Laboratory, causing the corona to spread worldwide. There are even reports that three researchers at the lab contracted coronary artery disease in November, the last month Ms. Anderson worked at the site. This issue has been taken so seriously that US President Joe Biden has called for a thorough investigation into the origin of the corona.

Despite these cases, Anderson said he did not see any personal illness while working in Wuhan:

“If someone had coronary at that time, I would get sick too, but I did not. “Before I was vaccinated, I had a corona test in Singapore, but I had never been infected.”

Anderson is attending a conference in Singapore with many of his colleagues in December, and none of them reported a suspicious case.

According to Anderson, Wuhan Labs has strict security protocols, which is why it does not believe Corona leaked from there. The scientist also reported on his and his colleagues’ extremely hard 45-hour hard work so that they could work alone in the laboratory:

“A pandemic is something that people can not imagine on such a large scale. “The virus was in the right place at the right time, and everything went hand in hand to make such a catastrophe happen.”

Despite Anderson’s belief that Corona does not leak from Wuhan Labs, the scientist knows that in the event of serious accidents, viruses could leak from the labs:

“I am not inexperienced enough to find such a thing completely unlikely.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said in the past that the coronavirus is not likely to have leaked from Wuhan Laboratories, but we still have to wait for research results in the coming months or even years to determine the origin of the virus, which has killed nearly 4 million people. Let’s make sure the whole world is dying.

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