Xeon W9-3495X processor overclock – power consumption up to 1881 watts!

Xeon W9-3495X processor overclock - power consumption up to 1881 watts!

Last month, Intel launched its new generation of HEDT processors, the Sapphire Rapids WS/112L/64L processors, and now overclockers are flocking to these processors. recently Overclocking results One of the flagship processors of this series, Xeon W9 3495X, has been released.

Overclock Xeon W9-3495X processor

The Xeon W3400X processors have good multi-core performance and in some tests have managed to reclaim the long-standing records of the Ryzen Threadripper processors. But records aside, Intel’s HEDT processors are very energy efficient. The basic thermal power of these processors is 350 watts, and the maximum energy consumption of these processors is even higher under maximum pressure.

Just to remind you, Sapphire Rapids processors with X suffix are also overclockable. As we said, famous overclockers such as Elmor or Der8auer recently went to the flagship processor of this series, the 56-core Xeon W9 3495X processor, and overclocked it. Overclocking of this processor was done on an ASUS W790E SAGE SE motherboard and G.SKILL Zeta R5 DDR5 memory was used for this operation, memory specially optimized for this platform.

Xeon W9 3495X processor overclock power consumption up to 1881 Xeon W9-3495X processor overclock - power consumption up to 1881 watts! 2

The output of this overclock operation is 5.5 GHz on all 56 cores, which requires the use of liquid nitrogen cooling to keep the processor temperature at minus 95 degrees Celsius. But more importantly, the maximum energy consumption of this processor is 1881 watts during overclocking, which is more than the most powerful gaming system under heavy pressure (processor + graphics card).

This processor was able to score 132220 in Cinebench R23 in this overclocking test. Unfortunately, this score did not break Elmor’s previous week’s record of 132,484. If this processor was able to get a higher score in the previous test, then it had a higher energy consumption, that is, a power of 1.9 kW, which is a very high power for a processor.

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